Application of infrared thermal imager in metallur

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Application of infrared thermal imager in metallurgical industry

metallurgical production enterprises are not only closely related to temperature, but also systematic and comprehensive enterprises. In addition to normal special metallurgical equipment, such as metallurgical kilns, there are auxiliary equipment such as electric power, electrical appliances and raw material chemical industry. In case of failure of these key equipment, not only the economic loss is huge, but also easy to cause personal injury. The 4-ball friction and wear testing machine is mainly in the form of sliding friction. Therefore, using infrared imaging technology to detect the equipment and understand and master the state of the use process of the equipment is of great significance for early detection of problems, identification of causes, ensuring safe production and operation and prolonging the service life of the equipment

in the metallurgical industry, infrared diagnosis technology is usually used in the following aspects:

1. Reasonably arrange overhaul and improve the service life of equipment through condition monitoring

2. Reduce heat loss and save energy

3. Improve the existing process by analyzing the thermal image

I. detection and diagnosis of defects in water wall of blast furnace lining

some thermal imagers can detect the surface of blast furnace by blocks and analyze the temperature distribution of the obtained thermal image. If there is no cooler, the lining defect can be directly judged by the different changes of furnace surface temperature. If the specific temperature of the heat map taken at a certain part continues to rise, it can be determined that the furnace lining has been damaged and eroded; For the parts with coolers, the surface temperature distribution can be analyzed according to the heat map to find out the parts with relative temperature rise and judge the damage of cooling stave or defects of furnace lining

II. The diagnosis of blast furnace tumor

usually only needs a few MV. Assuming that we directly stop measuring this signal

it is a direct and fast method to detect blast furnace tumor by infrared thermography. Firstly, mark the area on the surface to be tested, record the temperature distribution of each small piece of furnace skin, and preliminarily diagnose whether and where the tumor is formed by comprehensively analyzing the low-temperature area of each layer

III. hot blast stove

use infrared thermal imager to detect the hot blast stove, which is generally divided into two parts, one is the furnace body and the other is the furnace top. Pay attention to the joint between the ball top and the column. The diagnosis will become very simple. The high temperature and overheating part in the heat map will correspond to the defect of the refractory lining. Aluminum spot welder

IV. molten steel ladle and molten iron ladle

thermal images can also be taken by infrared thermal imager to diagnose the corrosion degree of molten steel ladle and molten iron ladle lining, as well as the state in the baking process, so as to seek a reasonable heating rate and baking time

v. converter

the converter structure only has furnace skin and lining, and there is no cooling part. After taking the heat map of the converter skin with the infrared thermal imager, the corrosion damage degree of the furnace lining can be judged very directly by analyzing its surface temperature. 6. The influence law of organic fillers on the properties of products:

VI. rotary kiln

detect the rotary kiln body through the infrared thermal imager. According to the high-temperature abnormal part on the thermal image, you can immediately diagnose the defects in the lining of the high-temperature corresponding part. The higher the temperature, the more serious the corresponding defects are

in addition, the metallurgical industry can also use thermal imagers to detect the connection points of electrical equipment in the plant, such as transformers, switch contacts in substation rooms and cables; Inspection of a large number of mechanical transmission devices and fan motor bearings; Measure the temperature of steel core and verify the liquid rate of ingot, reduce the consumption of energy and materials and improve the quality of ingot

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