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Application of heat shrinkable packaging technology in infusion bottle products

Beijing Super thinking packaging is especially important for maintenance over time! In this chapter, we first learned about several problems needing attention to the pendulum impact testing machine. At the meeting, manager Chai Wei of Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the advantages of cluster packaging in moisture-proof, environmental protection and reducing packaging cost, and comprehensively introduced the use of cluster packaging in products such as large liquid delivery bottles in the form of cases. In this issue, we will introduce the speech of Beijing chaosiwei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. at this seminar, hoping to provide help to users interested in cluster packaging technology

with the increasingly fierce market competition, pharmaceutical enterprises have higher and higher requirements for product cost reduction. Under this requirement, the outer packaging form of infusion bottles has also changed, changing the previous packaging form that each infusion bottle is placed in a carton and corrugated paper is placed between infusion bottles, and using the new packaging form of heat shrinkage. Heat shrinkable packaging generally takes 1.5 as a unit packaging to fasten multiple bottles into one

1 advantages of heat shrinkable packaging

(1) cost saving. Because the cost of plastic material is at least 50% lower than that of paper, taking 500ml type a bottle as an example, using 80um thick PE film, the cost of cluster packaging of 15 infusion bottles is only about 0.25 yuan

(2) improve efficiency. Because it is a cluster packaging, the efficiency can be greatly improved in handling and packing. In addition, enterprises can also install automatic packing equipment behind the heat shrinkable packaging equipment, so as to realize the full automation of the production line and improve the production efficiency. Integrate scattered design resources into cloud design

(3) reduce labor intensity. Because of the use of cluster packaging, the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced

(4) reduce damage during transportation. Not only the damage of plastic bottles is reduced, but also the damage rate of cluster packaging is quite low

(5) dustproof, waterproof, beautiful and in line with the trend

2 working process

infusion bottle shrinkage unit is generally composed of automatic sealing and cutting unit and shrinkage furnace. The automatic sealing and cutting unit is composed of six parts: chain plate conveying mechanism, pushing mechanism, sealing and cutting knife mechanism, pressing mechanism, film release setting mechanism and automatic film feeding mechanism

the working process is as follows: the heat shrinkable packaging machine is connected with the assembly line of the front-end automatic labeling machine. After the labeled infusion bottle enters the pushing position through the chain plate conveying mechanism, a photoelectric switch counts and outputs a signal to the PLC. The PLC sends a command to make the pushing cylinder act and push the package to the position to be sealed and cut. While pushing the package, the automatic film release mechanism will release an appropriate amount of film to wrap it according to the size of the package, Then the pushing cylinder withdraws. After receiving the signal from the pushing cylinder, PLC sends out the sealing and cutting signal to make the sealing and cutting cylinder act and open the PE film wrapped in the package through thermal fusing. The pressing cylinder presses the package during sealing and cutting to prevent the bottle from being pulled down. After the above actions, a sleeve film is formed on the outside of the package, so that an automatic sealing and cutting cycle is completed. Then, the sealed and cut packages enter the shrinkage furnace in sequence for shrinkage. After shrinkage, the tightly wrapped packages can be packed

3 key technologies and advantages

(1) sealing and cutting technology: the core technology of this equipment is sealing and cutting technology, that is, whether the sealing and cutting is firm and whether the materials are saved. The company adopts a constant temperature sealing and cutting knife with special structure, which makes the sealing and cutting fuse fast and firm. Both sides of the weld extend 0.5 ~ 1mm, so that the knife edge forms an electrode, not just a weld, so the knife edge is solid and not easy to be damaged, which overcomes the problem that the sealing and cutting knife edge is easy to be damaged in the past. Compared with the cold sealing and cutting technology, this sealing and cutting technology can save about 5% of the cost of each package

(2) double push technology: the labeling speed at the front end is generally fast, up to about 200 bottles/min. The marks of A.B.C mound shall be listed again. If 6 bottles are packed in a bundle, the production speed is 33.3 packs/minute. Obviously, the single sealing and cutting speed of 10 ~ 17 bags/sub can not meet the needs of production speed, while the use of double push technology can well meet the needs of production speed. Double push technology adopts two sets of pushing devices and two sets of sealing and cutting devices to work together, which effectively speeds up the sealing and cutting speed and meets the speed requirements of the whole production line

(3) applicable materials: because the infusion bottle is heavy, PE film can only be used for shrinkage


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