After the failure of one-step production reform

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After the failure of the "one-step" production reform

Yu Bin stood in the office of the assembly workshop, looking at the huge production workshop outside. Through the French window, you can see that workers are busy assembling products: next to the new production line, there are all kinds of faucets, stainless steel pipes, plastic shells and other accessories; Workers assemble product components next to the production line in a mess, and then take them to the production line and send them to the next station; The workers at the next station also take down the workpieces passed from the previous station, and then put them back on the production line for transmission after the next transfer

Yu Bin's anger surged as he watched the new production line imported with a lot of money turn into a simple conveyor belt. Just now, Li Dongfeng, vice president of production, reported that more than 10 newly recruited employees were going to resign. So far, half of the newly recruited production employees have resigned, and Yu Bin was even more furious. Since Yu Bin founded Jinju sanitary ware company 10 years ago, he has never encountered such a situation. "What a shame!", Yu Bin thought angrily. Li Dongfeng thought he couldn't wait a minute for the factory's internal communication system to leave the office. He couldn't wait for him to leave the office immediately

split company

Yu Bin forced open the wooden door of the assembly workshop office and came out, but almost ran into Wang Yiping, vice president of marketing, who came to the meeting at the door. As usual, Wang Yiping is wearing a dark suit, with long hair behind her head and a slight smile on her face. Wang Yiping was surprised to see Yu Bin's angry face and hurried to the door of the workshop, so she also followed up

Yu Bin looked back at Wang Yiping, who was following him. He couldn't help feeling that it would be better if the production department were like the marketing department in charge of Wang Yiping. At that time, Yu Bin, who was unwilling to be a manufacturer and processor and determined to create his own brand, found some senior sanitary ware product designers to design a series of high-end products with fashionable appearance and advanced functions with reference to foreign famous brands. But Yu Bin was not very familiar with marketing at that time. However, Yu Bin has always believed that anything can be done as long as the right person is found. So he hired a group of marketing personnel proficient in marketing from multinational companies to take charge of sales and marketing, and set up a huge marketing department

among them, Yu Bin was most proud of inviting Wang Yiping, who was a brand manager in a multinational company at that time. It was under her leadership that the marketing department quickly reached cooperation with famous real estate developers and launched Jinju's high-end products as the standard configuration of luxury commercial housing, which quickly opened the sales situation of the newborn Jinju. In the following years, Wang Yiping very well implemented Yu Bin's "marketing pull" strategy, firmly grasped the huge market opportunities brought by the rapid growth of the domestic real estate industry, and made the sales of Jinju rise day by day. "Jinju" can start from scratch and become a domestic brand of sanitary ware in less than 10 years. The marketing department has indeed made great contributions

Yu Bin slowed down a little and waited for Wang Yiping to catch up. At this time, a young man came out of the production line and politely greeted Yu Bin and Wang Yiping. The young man is wearing a shirt and tie. Although he is also wearing work clothes, the work clothes are very clean. The whole person looks capable and energetic. He has the same professional temperament as Wang Yiping, which is obviously different from the production staff with rigid expression and hard work. Although Yu Bin didn't know the young man, Yu Bin saw at a glance that he was an employee of the marketing department rather than the production department. Since entering the industry, Jinju has adopted the mode of assembly production, outsourcing the production of most parts to upstream manufacturers, and the most important work of the production department is assembly. In Yu Bin's view, the assembly work is very simple. Ordinary people can get started quickly after simple training. There is no technical difficulty at all. Therefore, until now, the staff of Jinju production department are mostly workers with low education and not paying attention to appearance. Before the relocation of the plant, most of the main production management personnel were his relatives and friends. For example, his younger brother, who was an electrician, was a factory director for a long time

needless to ask, Yu Bin knows that this young man is a marketing staff who comes here regularly to follow orders. At the thought of this, Yu Bin was stuffy again. Yu Bin has always had a headache for the production department. He simply can't understand why the production department can't do such a simple job of assembly. Often, either the construction period or the quality is wrong. Moreover, with the development of the company's business, there are more and more problems in the production department. In the past two or three years, there has even been such an absurd phenomenon that marketers need to go to their own workshop for documentary supervision to ensure the construction period and quality. Wang Yiping, who has worked in multinational companies for a long time and is used to working in strict accordance with the process, has discussed with Yu Bin many times very seriously and asked to change this situation quickly

Yu Bin knows that some people in the company even divide the company into two "Worlds": the "heaven" marketing department and the "underground" production department. For example, the marketing department is highly efficient and praised, while the production department is chaotic and criticized; The marketing department has high income and high status in the company, while the production department has low income and low status; The office of the marketing department is located in the high-grade office building in the urban area, and the workshop of the production department rents the dilapidated workshop of the closed state-owned enterprises in the suburbs. All this shows that in Jinju, the marketing department and the production department are very different departments

Yu Heping sighed as she walked out of the new factory building, which covered an area of 50 meters

this is a factory that was built last year and completed this year. More than two months ago, the production departments scattered in several dilapidated factories moved here in batches. Originally, Yu Bin hoped to solve the production problems in place at one time through the plant relocation, but it seems that this plan may need to be greatly adjusted

although Yu Bin has not paid much attention to the production department, he still hopes that it can grow up and make good performance without any trouble like the marketing department. Yu Bin once asked the production department to try many production management software, and even almost got on an ERP system, but these management software finally became furnishings. After many attempts failed, Yu Bin concluded: "it's all a matter of personnel quality." Yu Bin believes that to improve the production department, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the personnel quality of the production department

last year, Yu Bin thought that the opportunity to solve this problem in one step finally came. A new development zone in the suburbs invited Jinju company to settle in with extremely preferential policies. It not only gave Jinju a huge industrial land at a symbolic price, but also provided Jinju with tax relief for a certain year. Yu Bin decided to take this opportunity to build a new plant in the new development zone, purchase new equipment, recruit experienced production management personnel, and replace the original team with an automatic production line, so as to comprehensively improve the production department of Jinju

to this end, Yu Bin spent more than four months in the second half of last year inviting more than 120 experienced production managers from major manufacturing enterprises. These more than 120 personnel cover a wide range, from Li Dongfeng, the deputy general manager in charge of production management, to key technicians, to the team leader of the production line. Yu Bin first arranged senior personnel of the production department to systematically train them according to the product characteristics of Jinju, and then let them get familiar with the situation in the team production line. Yu Bin hopes that after spending several months getting familiar with the situation, they can fully take over production when the plant is relocated and solve the old and difficult problem of production at one time

although he Mingshan, an old friend who has been doing production management consulting, has criticized Yu Bin's plan, Yu Bin is still very confident. He has always believed that anything can be done as long as he finds the right person. Isn't this efficient marketing department also established in this way

but who ever thought there would be such a result now? Not only has the production line become a decoration, but nearly half of the recruited personnel have gone, and the production capacity has been reduced to only 70% of the previous level

dispute between the new and the old

Yu Bin was standing on the road sighing. Several old employees from the production department passed by and came to say hello to Yu Bin. These old employees are the original middle managers. Now their job responsibilities have changed. Although their positions have not changed much, they are much less responsible. This is also Yu Bin's idea. Although Yu Bin doesn't appreciate those old production managers, Yu Bin believes that these old employees who joined Jinju in the early stage of entrepreneurship have made contributions, so he doesn't agree with the proposal to dismiss them in this change

while Yu Bin was talking to these old employees, Li Dongfeng, dressed in overalls, strode over. Li Dongfeng is tall, with a flat head and sharp eyes. He looks very smart and capable. Li Dongfeng is also one of the newly recruited personnel last year. He has worked in the production department of a famous household appliance enterprise for more than 10 years. He is a very experienced production manager. Those old employees saw Li Dongfeng coming and left one after another. Yu Bin didn't say hello when he saw them passing by Li Dongfeng, and Li Dongfeng didn't seem to see them at all. He didn't even nod his head. Although Yu Bin is a little strange in his heart, he has no intention to ask anything at the moment

three people sat down in the conference room and the meeting began immediately. Wang Yiping, who has a long-term marketing background in multinational companies, first threw out a pile of figures: "Although this quarter is still a traditional off-season, our domestic orders have increased by 80% year-on-year and 30% over the previous quarter. International orders have increased by 55%, of which the export orders of independent brands have increased by 30%, which shows that our international expansion in the past two or three years has begun to enter a payback period. However, since the plant began to be relocated step by step three months ago, the production capacity has plummeted. Although it has recovered a little this month, it is only 30% About 70% of the production capacity before relocation. The reserve stock before the relocation is about to run out. It seems that several important orders will not be delivered on time this month. If the situation continues, we will have a big problem in two months. "

both Yu Bin and Wang Yiping looked at Li Dongfeng, vice president of production. Li Dongfeng has rich experience and strong personality, which is deeply appreciated by Yu Bin, who also has a strong personality. However, Yu binfei and his colleagues have realized the industrial production of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics. It is often strange that the strong Li Dongfeng has not shown much strength in the past few months

Li Dongfeng frowned and paused for a while before saying, "I once reported this problem to president Yu. Now it seems that we have underestimated the impact of the plant relocation on production

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