Application of AutoCAD process graphics in word

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Application of AutoCAD process graphics in word

Abstract: This paper introduces how to insert the process graphics drawn by AutoCAD into word by cutting and pasting, copying and pasting the two software of AutoCAD and word, and make full use of the graphics processing skills such as wizard and template function to make the process drawings "integrated with graphics and text"

key words: AutoCAD word clip and copy wizard template

0 Introduction

when drawing various process drawings with AutoCAD, we will encounter such problems: words and process drawings cannot be printed at the same time. The usual practice is: the technical description on the process drawing and the text part of the title block details are printed from the printer or drawn by the plotter after using word software, and then the graphics are cut and pasted into the text manually, so as to form a complete process drawing

it will help to improve the efficiency of graphic and graphic design personnel at the same time. There is drawing software in the lower version of word, which can realize the simultaneous text and text. 2. Performance characteristics. However, the function of this drawing software can not be compared with the professional drawing software AutoCAD. It not only can not accurately locate (such as capturing the center of the circle, endpoint, etc.), but also is inflexible and inconvenient to use

1 implementation method of AutoCAD Graphics in word

with the rapid development of computer technology, computer operating platforms such as Windows3. X and Windows98 provide a temporary area for transferring information between programs or files, which is the clipboard. The two clipboard related commands are copy and paste. The interfaces of these two commands in word and AutoCAD2000 are the same; Copy and paste can be found in the "(Edit)" menu, and there is an additional option "optional paste" in word; Alternatively, the copy and paste icons can be found in the standard menu (one line icon)

the method of inserting AutoCAD Graphics into word is: after drawing the graphics in AutoCAD, select the "copy" command, and the system prompts the user to select the entity. Use the entity allowed by AutoCAD to select the graphics to be inserted into word, and end the entity selection. The graphics to be inserted are saved to the clipboard, and the contents of the clipboard can be called by other applications. The current AutoCAD window can be closed or displayed as a scroll bar in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (the line of the start menu). In word, move the cursor to the place where you want to insert the graphic, and choose paste or paste special command. Then the graphic in the clipboard will be inserted into word

2 graphics processing in word

in word, this process graphics from windows clipboard also brings a large graphics box (Figure 1), which can not achieve the effect of text surrounding graphics. Such process charts may not meet the requirements of designers. For example, there are many blank contents inserted, so it requires some skills to deal with this problem. We can delete this large blank box as follows:

Figure 1 figure with graphic box

click the figure to be processed with the mouse, the figure will be surrounded by the black frame, and four small black characters will appear at the midpoint of the four corners and four sides of the frame. Drag the control point with the mouse to adjust the size of the figure properly (regardless of the size of the external graphic box). Right click and select "ungroup" in the "combination" bar. At this time, the "graphics" will be separated from the original "graphics box". Select the blank box again and press the "del" key on the keyboard, and the blank box disappears. Open word's Drawing toolbar. Click the "arrow button" in the Drawing toolbar to select the object, so that consumers can select the ideal product and move the whole drawing to the desired position. If you also want to get the figure with clear line thickness and color, you can select each line separately and adjust the line width and color one by one. Finally, the adjusted graphics are "combined" again. Through the graphics processed in this way, the graphics can be moved to any place to achieve the effect of text surrounding and text mixing, and obtain a beautiful word document (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 processed graphics

3 graphics processing skills

3.1 make full use of the wizard and template functions in the AutoCAD2000 version by using the AutoCAD2000 function

the "create new file" in AutoCAD, that is, the new command. These two functions can be used skillfully when dealing with graphics in word

3.1.1 wizard function

before drawing in AutoCAD2000, after selecting the new command, a new window will appear, and then select "use a wizard" → advanced setup → okstep7: layout → yes → work on my drawing while viewing → set step1-wtep6 respectively to determine the unit, view frame, starting angle, etc. → done to draw. Before selecting the copy command, use zoom-w (indos) command to put the drawing to be copied into a smaller blank space

3.1.2 template function

before AutoCAD drawing, after selecting the new command, a new window will appear, and then select "use a template → template file → OK". The subsequent steps are the same as "3.1.1 wizard function". Among them, the template file has ANSI *. DWT, * refers to any one of a, B, C, D, e and V, such as ANSI a.dwt; Din *. DWT, * refers to any one of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, such as DIN a0.dwt; ISO *. DWT, * refers to any one of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, such as ISO a0.dwt; JIS *. DWT, * refers to any one of 0, 1, 2, 3, 41 and 4R, such as JIS a0.dwt; When selecting a template file, select one of the above 22 files

3.2 processing of other AutoCAD versions

board processing before 3.2.1autocad2000

the key of graphics in AutoCAD is how to use paste command in word. After selecting paste special from the "" menu of word, a paste special window will appear with three options: AutoCAD drawing object, picture and bitmap

"paste special → AutoCAD drawing object" has the same function as the "paste" command. Double click the mouse on the inserted drawing to automatically enter AutoCAD and modify the drawing. The size of the drawing is adjusted according to the method in "graphics processing in word". Graphics drawn in the wizard or template mode of AutoCAD2000 are suitable for this paste command

"paste special - picture" command is applicable to all occasions, but the contents of the inserted drawing cannot be modified back to AutoCAD. However, for the graphics not drawn by the wizard or template of AutoCAD2000, this paste command can effectively eliminate the redundant blank. The method is: double click the graphics inserted in this way with the mouse, and then click the emerging graphics to find four small black square points at the midpoint of the four corners and four sides of the border. Put the arrow of the mouse on the small black square points, and the arrow becomes a two-way arrow. Drag the border to remove the redundant blank, After the four borders are adjusted, click the "#" symbol in the picture window at the upper left corner of the figure, and finally click "close picture" in the picture window. At this time, the redundant blank space in word graphics is eliminated and the outdoor display area of 100000 square meters is. The size of graphics is adjusted according to the method in the post-processing of graphics in "word"

when inserting in AutoCAD drawing object or pattern, the size of word file is different. When inserting in object mode, the space occupied by graphics is large, while the space occupied by graphics inserted in picture mode is very small

"paste special → bitmap" command requires more memory and is not suitable for vector graphics

3.2.2 problems that should be paid attention to

when drawing with any version of AutoCAD, the color of the drawing background must be white. If it is black or other dark graphics, after inserting into word, the printed graphics are black and cannot be recognized, so we must pay attention to this problem

4 Conclusion

using the above methods, we use AutoCAD to prepare process documents, and the text and graphics will be arranged more reasonably and more beautiful in word. The speed and quality of preparing process documents will also be greatly improved, and the process drawings with pictures and images will also be printed when printing


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