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[Yihe doors and windows] as the national economic growth rate changes from high-speed to stable, the sunshine housing industry also began to enter the replacement stage of development. In the recent stage, in order to seek new profit points, sunshine house customization enterprises are also actively adapting to the new environmental changes and constantly exploring new ways. Now, as the new retail era is approaching, sunshine room customization enterprises must seize the opportunity and deeply tap the potential new market

explore new retail

there is no distinction between entity and fiction in the economy, but there must be a difference between the old and the new. The new real economy is rapidly emerging and generating great social benefits. In the past 2016, sunshine housing customization enterprises actively explored the "new wholesale" format, embraced the Internet, and completed the integration of online and offline. During the new retail period, sunshine room customization enterprises are breaking through the form of trade, and for all industries, it is just this " Wind " Promote the change of spending trend and open up a broader market format

seize the younger market

the younger strategy is that sunshine house customization enterprises should understand the necessary changes of young consumers. With the post-80s and post-90s generation, they have gradually become the backbone of the consumption of sunshine housing products. How to compete for these consumers has become a necessary challenge for sunshine housing customization enterprises. Different from the previous generation, young consumers' demand for sunshine house products is no longer limited to price and quality. Service and experience are becoming one of the important reference reasons for their purchase of sunshine house

after more than 30 years of growth, the sunshine housing industry has gone through the infancy period, the growth period and now the mature period. In 2017, sunshine housing customization enterprises ushered in a new starting point for growth. In the context of in-depth transformation and upgrading, after exploring the theory, sunshine room customization enterprises may usher in a new evolution

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