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Bathroom furniture plays a leading role in home decoration and is one of the three major parts of the bathroom. How to choose and buy Bathroom Cabinet products, how to distinguish between good and bad bathroom cabinet products, and how to buy Bathroom Cabinets with high cost performance

I. how to choose and buy Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom furniture is a major role in home decoration and one of the three major parts of the bathroom. How to choose and buy Bathroom Cabinet products, how to distinguish between good and bad bathroom cabinet products, and how to buy Bathroom Cabinets with high cost performance, First of all, we must have a comprehensive understanding of bathroom cabinet products from the following aspects. If inferior products are selected, it will not only destroy the overall beauty of bathroom decoration, but also cause corrosion, peeling, loose skin, swelling and other phenomena due to the inferior product quality. Bring you endless troubles

at present, bathroom cabinet products on the market are divided by raw materials, generally including glass stainless steel composite, glass electrolytic board composite, acrylic board, all kinds of wood recycled board (including particleboard, blockboard, medium fiber board, moisture-proof board, etc.) and pure solid wood. Among the solid wood bathroom furniture, oak is the best according to its physical properties and waterproof and anti-corrosion effects. Oak is widely used to make grape barrels, beer barrels, floors, wooden bridges and so on

1. Particleboard

is most commonly used in some cheap computer tables, furniture and kitchenware. It is low-cost, and is processed from waste materials during woodworking. It has high water absorption. It can be identified from the opening and interface, and the edge of the board. Manufacturers often make it by sticking paper, wood and plastic sheets, wrapping the edges with other materials, and then processing it with various colors of paint. Poor manufacturers and dealers often use such products as solid wood products according to their appearance effects that confuse the fake with the real, and according to the buyers' ignorance of raw materials

2. Blockboard

is more common in some low-cost or medium to high-cost wooden furniture. Because it is made of solid wood, there are different kinds of wood, so the price is different. The compression resistance varies greatly due to different kinds of wood and different manufacturing processes. For example, if the surface paint is not well done, it will crack in the sun and humidity

3. MDF

is more common in some ordinary computer desks, office furniture and home furniture. It is used for the decoration of indoor exhibition stands, and the waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to expand and crack, and cannot be used in the wet environment with much water in the bathroom. However, some poor manufacturers and dealers often use MDF products pasted with wood veneer to pretend to be solid wood to deceive consumers

4. Moisture proof board

although the board has certain moisture-proof performance, and some manufacturers have melamine finishes, the board is not an environmental friendly building material product because of the fact that a lot of moisture-proof glue is added to the board, and the formaldehyde content seriously exceeds the standard

5. Oak board

oak has unique wood grain, heartwood is corrosion-resistant, high density, hard texture, and belongs to hardwood. Household products made of oak have the advantages of dignified, calm and noble mahogany furniture. However, the price is much lower than that of mahogany. Due to the numerous advantages of oak, this material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. It is the most ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak can be divided by color: white oak and red oak. China's output is extremely rare, and it is generally imported from the United States, Malaysia and Thailand

II. How to identify low-quality bathroom furniture products:

backward production technology, unstable manual operation, rough workmanship, irregular size and fit. In order to save costs, low-cost paints that do not meet environmental standards are selected in paint treatment, and less primer is made, which will lay hidden dangers for future use

high quality bathroom furniture products:

according to the formal furniture production process, the workmanship is fine, and the size and fit are good. Generally, the paint will be applied with bottom sealing oil twice, and then sprayed with surface oil after oil polishing process. The paint of the sprayed products has good smoothness and smooth surface

adopt automatic cutting and hole arrangement to ensure that the process parameters of each set of products are consistent. In terms of technology, it is carved through 34 processes. In terms of paint, imported environment-friendly PU polyester paint is used, and the closed dual machine painting process is used to effectively isolate moisture. Polyester paint has strong firmness and adhesion, good environmental protection performance, and can cure benzene in paint. The hardness, gloss, fullness and smoothness of the paint can reach a perfect unity. The products meet the requirements of QB/t2530-2001 and GB18584-2001 of the people's Republic of China




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