The romantic love nest of the Post-70s uncle and t

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This is a romantic love nest for Post-70s uncles and post-80s sisters. The house is a school district house purchased for children. It is planned to stay for 10 years, aiming to give children a new lifestyle and help them form good habits

this is a story of a Post-70s uncle and a post-80s little sister living in different ways.

this is a romantic love nest of Post-70s uncle and post-80s little sister

x, uncle after 70

y, the little sister of the post-80s generation

they are a couple who live [at will and with literary atmosphere]

house is a school district house purchased for children. It is planned to stay for 10 years. It aims to give children a new lifestyle and help them form good habits

they say: life needs to be managed carefully,

can produce beautiful "fruits"

this time, I want to bring them the hybrid style,

integrate the "scenery of the four seasons" indoors, or northern Europe or modern

everyone has different colors in their eyes

spring • full of vitality

[children's room] the train for spring is about to pass by the tent in the jungle

summer · colorful

[balcony] plants that grow wildly,

stretch and breathe hard,

flowers and leaves have no time to blink

autumn ・ quiet and safe

[Master bedroom] in gray overlay, full of emotion,

sapphire like blanket extends out the window,

vaguely visible under the autumn wind, the leaves are dancing

winter · silence

[secondary bathroom] the wall is like snow, and it is like the fog in the mountains.

against an empty valley orchid, I can't help but stretch my eyebrows and eyes

the little yellow man immortalized flower music box placed in the lobby,

is handmade by Ms. y

children like little yellow people. When they go in and out of the door every day, they will see,

know and explore the world with satisfaction

there are also various objects with unique shapes in the home.

these are the good intentions of Ms. y.

bring back the "encounter" when traveling far,

only to retain the initial feelings and memories

sofa wall wallpaper, let Ms. y fall in love at first sight

the inspiration for choosing it came from her trip to Barcelona.

she was unforgettable for the bright scenery on the top of the Holy Family cathedral.

she even traveled across the sea to bring back Gaudi's mosaic lizards

the design of children's room is the theme of the whole family

in order to protect an innocent and lively childlike heart, the 5-year-old baby chooses the color and style of furniture independently,

Mr. X designates the magic aircraft light,

Ms. y chooses the wallpaper with spring mountain scenery,

this kind of intention is the guide of love

distinctive high-low beds and interesting tents,

children can't wait to climb up and down, get in and out,

happy laughter filled the whole room

x likes the tea ceremony very much. He often makes three or two friends sit around tatami,

enjoy tea and view the scenery, talk about the past and the present, and unconsciously, half a day of leisure has passed

the sunny balcony, half lying on the rattan chair, enjoying the flowers bloom in spring and listening to the leaves fall in autumn,

there are also the happy faces of children by the swimming pool in midsummer and the snow under the warm winter sun

x attaches great importance to the kitchen and pays great attention to the process of washing, cutting and cooking

the wine cabinet is placed with the exquisite wine vessels he collected.

he can talk about these for an hour without stopping...

the round table is the choice of many families when they decorate again.

it is equipped with leaf shaped round crystal lights, echoing up and down

their husband and wife agree that life needs management,

the sense of ritual of sitting around and eating together is very important,

this atmosphere needs to be carefully created

spring taro and tamarind are carefully selected and transplanted by Ms. y

the newly added golden monkey tail fern made her overjoyed,

busy with these, her expression was playful and cute

the seasons are like songs, singing all the joys and sorrows of life

it changes a handsome boy in a hurry in the time of flowing water

it also spent the innocent girl's youth in sentimentality

when we quietly reach middle age,

the tempering of the past years makes us tolerant and grateful for everything,

no longer angular, and our eyes are full of scenery

therefore, there is no single style, let alone extreme simplicity,

there are some things that life teaches us to love

we listen to our inner voice and feel the peace of the world

open your heart, not trapped by daily necessities,

indifferent and calm, and still retain poetry and distance

I hope that in such a "home", Mr.

x and Ms. y carefully manage their leisure and freehand brushwork,

live more warm and interesting in busy and self-knowledge days

the above is my original intention of designing this case

the story of time

this is a song that most people can sing softly

the endless scenery of the four seasons in the lyrics

this is the youth that most people have suddenly passed

the endless beauty and innocence in the melody

this is the time of a generation

the story of a group of people

are talking and singing, and are recalling that we are also growing in the cycle of the four seasons

the past, the present and the future

is already different




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