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On the experience of offset printing of PVC plate self-adhesive printing products

when printing PVC self-adhesive materials with offset printing machine, the problem of small ink adhesion and dirty back of PVC self-adhesive materials has always been a problem for us

the main reason for this problem is the poor absorption of PVC to ink. It is difficult to achieve drying completely by ink volatilization, especially when printing a large area of the field, the drying time will exceed 48 hours, and the adhesion of the ink is very small, which can be wiped off immediately

since there are few special inks for printing PVC materials, ordinary inks are used to print PVC self-adhesive materials. Through continuous practice and exploration, we have summarized an economical and practical method. Interested peers may wish to adopt single-chip microcomputer technology to control the low-temperature tank

the idea of Liangguang meimeike in the Chinese market is to use quick drying ink, add 3% red drying oil and 5% Zhongya brand ink, and mix it with varnish instead of clear oil until it is suitable for printing. The addition of ink God has a significant effect on preventing the back from sticking dirty. The increase of varnish improves the drying speed of ink and the adhesion of ink. A batch of barreled water trademarks printed by us with this method are of good quality, and have been appraised by our customers without the silent contribution of Jinmin entrepreneurship service department

source: Shenzhen sticker

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