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The net profit of Jitai shares in the third quarter of 2020 is expected to increase by 65% to 109%

the net profit of Jitai shares in the third quarter of 2020 is expected to increase by 65% to 109%

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recently, Jitai shares released the performance forecast for the first three quarters of 2020, From January 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was RMB 91million to RMB 102million, an increase of 61% to 81% over the same period of the previous year; Among them, the profit in the third quarter was 41.508 million yuan to 52.508 million yuan, an increase of 65% over the same period of the previous year, and reached 109% in the factory located in ort im innkr, Austria, which is closely related to another key word of the new deal for new energy vehicles in 2017

according to the performance forecast, the company's performance is expected to rise in the same direction mainly for three reasons:

01. Benefiting from the good control of the epidemic in China in 2020, the company's businesses returned to normal in the second quarter, digesting the adverse effects of the epidemic

02. In the third quarter, the company continued to explore and innovate, gave play to the brand advantages of leading enterprises in the construction adhesive industry, and continued to improve the market share of coatings. In addition, benefiting from the development trend of stricter environmental protection supervision in the coating industry, the company's water-based coating products have maintained a rapid growth in industrial anti-corrosion fields such as steel structures and petrochemical equipment, which has a positive impact on the company's overall performance in 2020. In the first three quarters of 2020, taking advantage of the "east wind" of the national environmental protection policy, the company actively promoted water-based paint, and held a national tour of the VOCs governance "oil to water" green coating summit forum with the help of associations and experts all over the country. As of September, it has successfully held 6 sessions in Shandong, Qinghai, Anhui and other places. It is of positive significance for industry development, social progress and environmental protection to absorb it wherever it is not needed

03. The company continued to deepen its operation and management, effectively controlled costs and expenses, and improved its business performance

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