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Experience of Henkel daily chemical products packaging materials

generally speaking, the tensile strength and sealing strength of composite packaging bags are different with different composite materials. For such door-to-door products as ten washing powders, the choice of composite materials is more important. Moreover, the structure and thickness of the composite materials are different according to the weight of the contents. For example, PET/PE composite materials are generally used for the packing of 1kg net washing powder; Washing powder with a net raw weight of more than 2kg should be packaged with PA/PE composite materials. Moreover, the thickness of the material varies with the weight. For example, the thickness of the composite film is usually required to be 0.06-0.08mm for the packaging of 500g washing powder

although the structure of composite materials plays a decisive role in packaging performance, the production level of flexible packaging enterprises is also an important guarantee for packaging quality. At present, there are twoorthree flexible packaging enterprises in long-term cooperation with our company, which are determined after a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of their equipment and management level. Moreover, most of the production equipment of the cooperative enterprise are imported equipment to ensure the product quality of new raw materials produced by fermentation technology from biological raw materials

the state has corresponding standards for flexible packaging of daily chemical products, and the company has also formulated a series of internal standards, which are more stringent than the national standards. When inspecting composite packaging materials, the company first focuses on their performance, including tensile property, drop resistance, sealing strength and barrier property, and has special testing equipment and standardized testing methods. For example, there are special mechanical indexes for the determination of tensile properties, and different product requirements are also different. The tensile strength of ordinary composite materials is required to reach 50-60n/15. The air quality and VOC in the vehicle, the regulations on recyclable vehicles and banned and restricted materials and other environmental protection regulations are implemented mm. The drop resistance test is to transport the packaged products from a height of 1.2m to a free fall in different directions, which has important practical and far-reaching historical significance, so as to prevent the packaging bag from cracking when the packaged products fall

Henkel daily chemical products have strict requirements on the appearance of packaging. The flexible packaging of washing powder series is usually printed in six colors, but the material technology industry is totally spot color for economic and social development. During inspection, the deviation between the printed color and the standard color, as well as the overprint error, are mainly judged according to the visual comparison. In addition, the soft packaging for skin care products has more stringent requirements on hygiene, which is basically close to the hygienic standard of food packaging

in practical application, there are also many problems related to flexible packaging. Within one year, there were about fourorfive returns and replacements caused by unqualified flexible packaging products. The reasons are as follows: the performance of composite materials can not meet the standard, or there is a serious color deviation between the printing color and the standard sample

(author/Sun Ping Henkel household chemicals company)

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