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Experience and Prospect of transforming China's manufacturing industry with CIMS technology

1 Introduction in the 21st century, the world's politics, economy and technology have undergone unprecedented changes, forming a globalized economy. Information technology has had a profound impact on the manufacturing industry, which has marked the development of the manufacturing industry with an obvious information brand:

(1) network technology has promoted the development of the overall task of the control system of the pipe drop hammer impact machine for global manufacturing, and led to the re division of labor and the re allocation of resources in the manufacturing industry

(2) information technology has promoted the development of agile manufacturing and formed a new manufacturing mode characterized by virtual manufacturing and dynamic alliance

(3) computer technology promotes the digitalization of design and manufacturing, greatly shortens the design cycle and reduces the product development cost; Production process optimization and automation greatly promote the improvement of enterprise benefits

(4) the development of new economy characterized by Internet and e-commerce has accelerated the process of economic globalization

(5) with the end of the cold war, the restructuring of the world economy and the globalization of finance, trade, production and science and technology have become the general trend

around the competition of knowledge-based innovation ability, a global manufacturing revolution characterized by information technology is unfolding with great momentum. In this environment, the contemporary integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) technology, with informatization as the core and agile manufacturing as the representative, has not only become the main means for the manufacturing industry to continuously launch new products, quickly respond to the market and win competition, but also is profoundly changing the manufacturing industry. New changes are taking place in the manufacturing industry in the information age

in today's global economic competition, product development, manufacturing technology and capability improvement of manufacturing enterprises are the core elements of competition. CIMS technology promotes the development of national industrial information technology infrastructure and provides a supporting platform for multinational corporations and global manufacturing; Accelerated product innovation and development, supported the manufacturing of strategic major products, and enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness of the manufacturing industry; It has promoted the development of manufacturing informatization application software industry and consulting service industry with intellectual property rights as the core, and ensured the commanding height of exclusive technology in international competition. Therefore, CIMS technology is a strategy and cutting-edge technology to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and plays a commanding role in the world manufacturing industry

in order to occupy the commanding heights of advanced manufacturing and automation technology, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of manufacturing system integration technology when researching, developing and applying advanced manufacturing technology. Many countries have put forward cross century strategic reports, such as:

· the United States: CIM support software is listed as an important sub field in the manufacturing field in the national key technology report of the United States (1995); In the advanced manufacturing technology plan (1992), several major projects include system integration technology. In recent years, the country has also implemented a series of development plans related to agile manufacturing technology, such as the "agile manufacturing enabling technology 14. stress rate range: in/mm2s (6) 0n/mm2s (1) technology (team) research strategic plan under low temperature" (1994) initiated by the U.S. Department of energy, the "agile manufacturing and manufacturing technology plan" and the "national industrial information infrastructure agreement niiip" plan (1993) of the U.S. Department of defense. The United States Russia virtual enterprise (ra-ven) (1997) lists the establishment and development of virtual enterprises in the United States and Russia as the basic framework of global manufacturing. These advanced manufacturing programs implemented by the government, enterprises and non-governmental cooperation have greatly promoted the development of American manufacturing industry

· Europe: in the Eureka plan and the information technology research and development strategic plan (ESPRIT) of the European community, integrated manufacturing system technology projects account for a considerable proportion. In order to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises, the EU has successively carried out the fourth framework research plan and the fifth framework research plan after the completion of the R & D Center (1998). Almost all the research focuses in Germany's manufacturing 2000 plan (1995) focus on manufacturing system integration technology. These plans have played an important role in promoting the development of manufacturing industry in EC countries

· Asia: Japan's intelligent manufacturing system (IMS) plan (1990), South Korea's advanced advanced technology national plan (G7 plan) (1991) and Roh Korea's 21st century plan (1999) all list manufacturing system integration technology as an important research content

it is worth noting that manufacturing network technology is reflected in many national planning projects. For example, camnet in the United States is a mold computer-aided manufacturing developed by general electric company with the support of the U.S. Department of defense. The partners participating in product development and manufacturing coordinate their work on the network, get rid of the influence of distance, time, computer platform and tools, and can obtain important design and manufacturing information on the network; ICs is a typical project related to networked manufacturing in Germany, including solutions for individual enterprises and solutions for the whole industry; Prodname II is a Multi Country joint research project on virtual enterprises in Europe. Its goal is to design and develop a reference structure and an open platform to support the needs of industrial ve (mainly small and medium-sized enterprises). In the structure proposed by prodname II, each enterprise in the potential ve member network is regarded as a node, and each node may play the role of material supplier, manufacturer, end user of goods or services, etc

ms technology development status and trend

the CIMS theme of the National 863 program is based on the computer integrated manufacturing system, through 15 years of research and application practice, and in combination with China's national conditions, The concept of CIMS is put forward, which refers to "combining information technology, modern management technology and manufacturing technology, applying the theory and method of system technology to each stage of the whole life cycle of enterprise products (from market demand analysis to final scrap disposal), and realizing the integration and optimal operation of logistics, information flow and value flow through information integration, process optimization and resource optimization, so as to achieve human (organization and management) Integration of, operation and technology. To strengthen the T (time), q (quality), C (cost), s (service) and E (environment) of the enterprise's new product development, so as to improve the enterprise's market adaptability and competitiveness. "

at present, CIMS technology has been applied in many enterprises at home and abroad, and has become an important driving force for manufacturing enterprises to drive the development of manufacturing industry. For example:

· in the development of Boeing 777, Boeing company of the United States adopted "virtual design and manufacturing", "full life cycle design and manufacturing PLM", "Concurrent Engineering CE", "global

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