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Countermeasures for paper machinery industry (middle)

(1) lack of investment. The development of the paper industry has attracted a lot of funds, such as foreign capital, national discount loans, private capital, etc. However, the proportion of foreign capital absorbed by the paper machinery industry is very small, and the investment of private capital is even less. It can be predicted from the commonness of the machinery industry that it will still be difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment in the future

(2) product convergence, lack of characteristics, and even the scale of many production plants are not different. The low technical content of the products produced has led to price competition, declining profits, and the lack of stamina for enterprise development, making it difficult to embark on the virtuous cycle of production profit reproduction development

(3) domestic high-grade paper-making enterprises generally have an unreliable understanding of domestic equipment, and turn to imported equipment, which makes it difficult for the products of domestic powerful paper-making machinery factories to stand out, resulting in unclear levels among enterprises and difficult to realize division of labor and cooperation

(4) due to the low profits of enterprises, it is difficult to attract excellent management and technical talents. Most enterprises can only use their own trained talents. The talent team is uneven, and the ability to independently develop products and innovate, and even the ability to digest and absorb similar foreign products, is very weak

(5) no pilot plant has been established in all domestic paper machinery plants. 1 For the RD Center prepared under molding conditions, the progress made in papermaking machinery technology so far is almost a replica of foreign products digested, absorbed and copied, and there are few products with independent intellectual property rights

2 the development competition in the field of main technical equipment is more intense

2.1 continuous cooking system

with the continuous expansion of the scale of domestic pulping production lines and the continuous improvement of pulping quality requirements, continuous cooking system is widely used. After self-developed and imported technology digestion and absorption, the continuous steaming system equipment and automatic control, which mainly adapt to grass raw materials, have developed greatly and become more and more mature. It has achieved full localization, and the single line production scale has reached 50000 tons/year, and is developing towards large-scale and automation. The domestic continuous steaming system mostly adopts the horizontal tube type, and a few adopt the combination of inclined horizontal tubes. In recent years, many CTMP and APMP production lines have been introduced. At present, domestic equipment is still blank, mainly due to the development of key equipment such as high compression ratio feeder (or extrusion mill) and large-diameter disc mill with pressure and atmospheric pressure

2.2 washing, sorting and bleaching system

at present, the ideal black liquor extraction (pulp washing) equipment is drum type; Empty washer. Through digestion and absorption, the domestic new drum vacuum washer adopts the structure of plane distribution valve and corrugated filter plate, which has reached the international advanced level, and the maximum specification is 100m2

there are many types of domestic pressure Swiss, with the maximum specification of 3M2. The latest bar screen drum in the world has also been put into production. However, at present, the processing accuracy and service life of domestic pressure screens cannot be compared with imported equipment

at present, the domestic bleaching system is still dominated by conventional three beat bleaching (CEH), and is developing towards chlorine free bleaching or basically chlorine free bleaching. The imported bleaching system mostly adopts the combination of oxygen bleaching, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide bleaching, and the bleaching concentration mostly adopts medium and high concentration. Because the domestic medium consistency mixer, medium consistency pulp pump and chlorine dioxide preparation equipment can not meet the production requirements in terms of scale and effect, they basically rely on imports at present. The domestic high consistency hydrogen peroxide bleaching system has been applied to mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, chemical mechanical pulp and waste pulp at present. The maximum output has been put into operation is 50t/d, and it is capable of providing complete sets of equipment of 100t/d

2.3 waste paper treatment system

due to the rapid expansion of the proportion of waste paper pulp used in China in recent years, domestic waste paper treatment equipment has developed rapidly. The domestic carton board (AOCC or OCC) processing production line (including thermal dispersion system) has reached 150 ~ 200t/d of tensile properties, tensile strength, yield strength and other tests of metal materials such as anchor cable, marine anchor chain, marine anchor chain, cast steel anchor chain, and can meet the requirements of producing grade a paper. The output of waste paper deinking production line has reached 100t/d. The domestic office waste paper treatment production line has just started, and there is still a certain gap between the treatment effect and scale and the imported equipment. At present, through the combination of digestion and absorption and self-development, the domestic waste paper treatment system is adopting high-precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer to 7, well cover pressure fatigue testing machine; 400t/d AOCC or OCC production line, 250t/d waste paper deinking production line and 150 ~ 200t/D imported office waste paper production line

2.4 paper machines and coating completion equipment

domestic paper machines can basically meet the needs of most domestic paper mills at present, and can produce 150000 T/a carton board machine, 100000 t/a coated white board machine, and 50000 T/a cultural paper machine. In terms of width, China has the capacity to produce 5.5m paper machines. In terms of speed, the maximum speed can reach about 700m/rain. In terms of technical performance, the domestic paper machine has high energy consumption, there is a gap between the quality index of the paper produced and the foreign level, the performance is not stable, the technical maturity is not high, and the commissioning cycle is too long. It is obvious that the domestic paper machine has the characteristics of imitating foreign products, lacking the guidance of mature theory and practice, and the technical performance is not optimized enough. These problems will be more prominent when the domestic requirements for the speed and width of the paper machine are further improved. This should be one of the key problems to be solved in the next development of domestic paper machines. (to be continued)

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