Cracks in the hottest hydrated ice automobile glas

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Hot water ice car glass cracks

it snowed all night. In the morning, Miss Cai found that her car body was covered with ice and snow that was difficult to remove. In a hurry, she took it for granted that a bucket of hot water could drive out the cold by taking a hot bath for her car, but there was a crack in the windshield of her car inexplicably. The day before yesterday, snow began to fall in Shencheng, which annoyed many citizens. A thin layer of ice formed on the front windshield of the car, seriously affecting the line of sight. Many methods were used, but no effect was achieved

"try my method, it's sure to work." Since yesterday, many enthusiastic car owners have begun to offer their own valuable experience for car owners. Mr. Li's suggestion is to lay a piece of paper on the windshield in advance. "Pouring hot water is easy to cause damage to the car glass. Even if the glass is not broken, it will form cracks. Whenever I encounter such weather, I will spread paper on the car glass one day in advance, and then press it with a wiper. After pulling the paper off the next day, there is no frost on the glass.". Mr. Li said that he had been in the north, and this method was sure to work. The suggestion of Ms. Yang, the car owner, is relatively simple: scrape the ice with a plastic spoon. When you go out in winter, take a plastic spoon with you. If the windshield freezes, use it to scrape the ice on the windshield. But Ms. Yang also said that the specific operation let's have a look: it's completely useless when encountering heavy snow. In the heavy snow that she experienced two years ago, she shoveled it with a spoon for nearly an hour, and finally it was only a slap in the face

"it's really not good, so try to park the car indoors." Many car owners issued a unanimous sigh. After all, there are few windy and snowy days in Shanghai, so it's over. If you can't, don't drive until the ice and snow naturalize


it is inappropriate to melt ice directly with cold and hot water

then, yesterday, I learned from several car repair shops in Shanghai that there are not a few car owners who come to consult about ice melting. Master Chen of a car repair shop on Xinfeng road told that there are two ways to melt ice on the front windshield, physical and chemical, and car owners can try it

physical deicing: the owner can prepare a hard plastic scraper or a special glass ice shovel. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic scraper or glass frost shovel to remove it. Chemical deicing is a spray deicing agent, which is designed for the high-speed defrosting of frozen windows and wipers. It is not so easy to be burned. Ice can be easily removed by spraying concentrated liquid at a low temperature below minus 30 ℃

in addition, experts advise car owners not to lock the car and leave immediately after using the car one day, but to open the door for ventilation, and then check whether the running direction of the oil pump and the direction of the arrow in the car are caused by the temperature falling to about the same as the temperature outside the car, and then turn on the power supply and brush the snow on the windshield with a wiper; At this time, close the door and lock the car. The next morning, as long as the accumulated snow on the windshield is swept away, there is no ice under the snow, and you can drive on the road immediately

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