Cover design process IV of the hottest CD

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CD cover design process (4)

select the WordArt just created, and click the command "text wrapping" | "floating above text" on the pop-up "WordArt Toolbar"

click "WordArt shape" | "thin knob" button, and then adjust the size and position of WordArt through "size control point" and "select machine expansion point according to market conditions in the later stage of adjustment control"

click the "format WordArt" button to open the "format WordArt" dialog box. Click the "color and line" tab to open the "color and line" tab

select the "blue" command in the "color" drop-down list box in the "fill" option area

select the "wireless bar color" command from the "color" drop-down list box in the "line" option area

under the condition of ensuring that the WordArt is selected, click the "shadow style" button on the "Drawing toolbar", and click the "shadow setting" command in the pop-up option area.

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