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Countermeasures for maintenance safety in petrochemical plants - strengthen the safety management of direct operation links (6)

during the maintenance of petrochemical plants, hot work, equipment entry, high-altitude operation, hoisting and other operations are very frequent. For these direct operation links, we should strictly control the "three passes", namely, the implementation of safety measures, the approval of work tickets and safety supervision. Wear suitable protective equipment, prepare enough emergency and fire-fighting equipment, and pay attention to the following points:

(1) before each hot work and equipment operation, the gas analysis in and around the equipment must be qualified, and the isolation of hot work equipment, the removal of combustibles, and the effective cover of non polluting environment in trenches, floor drains, and water wells must be checked and confirmed. For continuous operation, the explosion shall be measured at least once every 4 hours

(2) for some operations with great internal risks, such as special high-altitude operations, major lifting operations, etc., special construction schemes and safety measures should be formulated before operation

(3) in the area where the maintenance of high-risk projects is carried out, a safety alert shall be set up and a special person shall be assigned to supervise. Special operations such as industrial radiographic testing should be arranged in the time with fewer personnel such as lunch break or night as far as possible

(4) the cleaned butadiene autopolymer, iron oxide, iron sulfide deposits and other substances that may cause spontaneous combustion should be transported to a safe place in time for burning, and should not be stored at the maintenance site or heat source, or at a high temperature when the test piece is under pressure

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