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Rubber daily review on November 12: trading positions increased. Shanghai rubber was close to the daily limit

on November 12, Shanghai natural rubber futures rose sharply, and the main 1003 contract jumped high. Subsequently, the futures price rose strongly, increasing positions and volume. 1003 contract open 3 Is the electronic extensometer calibrated correctly? The price was 20150 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 20620 yuan/ton, up 885 yuan/ton from the settlement price on November 11. The trading volume was 950936 hands, and the position was 196588 hands

on the disk, Shanghai Jiaotong jumped high in the morning, breaking through the previous platform suppression at one fell swoop, standing at 20000 support, and then rising all the way. In the afternoon, it closed close close to the intraday high, and the rise was very strong. As the rubber has broken through the technical pressure and the fundamentals are sound, there is still room for further growth in the future

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures held steady above $79/barrel in Asian electronic trading on the 12th, due to the growth of China's crude oil imports, while the weakness of the US dollar stimulated investors to buy commodity futures. Analysts pointed out that "the oil market is waiting for further rise. If the oil price breaks above $80/barrel, there will be sufficient good news to push the oil price further higher than $85/barrel." As of 15:00 Beijing time, NYMEX December crude oil futures rose 27 cents to $79.55/barrel. The settlement price of the contract rose 23 cents to $79.28 a barrel, or 0.3%, and the intraday trading range was $78.57 to $80.1. Ice December Brent crude oil futures rose 6 cents to $78.01 a barrel. The settlement price of the contract rose 45 cents to $77.95 a barrel, or 0.6%

in the Asian foreign exchange market on the 12th, the euro and the US dollar against the yen broke away from their previous highs as the Nikkei index retook its early gains. The US dollar against the yen hit an intraday low of 89.68 yen, the previous high of 89.99 yen, the euro against the yen hit an intraday low of 134.57 yen, and the previous high of 135.03 yen. Traders at the Bank of Japan said that the return of the Nikkei index forced some short-term traders to sell the risk sensitive euro against the yen, which also put pressure on the dollar against the yen and pushed the force between the real clamping devices. The sale of some accounts with actual demand made the exchange rate lower. It is expected that the support of USD/JPY in the low segment of 89 yen is very strong, and the first support of EUR/JPY is 134.00 yen

in terms of spot goods, the quotation of the reclamation area fluctuates. The unit price of Hainan agricultural reclamation is 18464 yuan/ton, and the list price of Yunnan market is 18424 yuan/ton. The domestic production areas will stop cutting soon, and the number of on-site lists has decreased. At present, most buyers are speculators, and the actual demand side is not willing to take goods. In the international market, the high level of raw materials in Thailand production area remained stable, the natural rubber factory continued to be bullish, and the Southeast Asian market was still in a strong state. At present, some factories in Thailand still had a small amount of inventory, and the supply of factories in Malaysia was tight. The CIF port quotation RSS3 was quoted as US dollars/ton, and sir20 was quoted as US dollars/ton; The spot rubber price in the bonded area has remained basically stable. Recently, futures and external offers have continued to rise. Some businesses in the market are bullish again on the aftermarket rubber price, and market inquiries in the area have increased. Some businesses are reluctant to sell their spot goods and deliberately bid up the price. RSS3 is quoted as US dollars/ton, and sir20 is quoted as US dollars/ton. The weak dollar and loose monetary policy will continue to provide support for the commodity market. At present, the macroeconomic data released by the China Bureau of statistics on the 11th showed that China's economic recovery trend continued to be positive, and the automobile production and sales continued to be strong. At the same time, the automobile industry stimulus policy in 2010 is expected to continue, and the rubber demand is expected to rise, but the supply will tighten due to the decline in production. Affected by this, the Shanghai Rubber future market is expected to continue to rise

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