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Newspaper companies said that paper prices would continue to fall

at a meeting held in New York last week, major publishers such as Gannett and Tribune CO in the United States said that paper prices would continue to fall next year. Among them, Gannett pointed out that the current paper price has fallen to the lowest point in 10 years, and the price will be lower next year

Douglas mccorkindale, CEO of Gannett, said, "the decline in paper consumption has brought obvious pressure on prices, which is beneficial to publishers. These pressures continue. In recent weeks, we have received $430/MT in stock. At present, Gannett's purchase price of paper is the lowest in 10 years."

American media general company pointed out that with the termination of its long-term price stability agreement with Enron and the reduction of paper width, the company will benefit from it

most publishers believe that with the improvement of the economy next year, the amount of advertising will increase. And lower costs - such as reduced paper consumption and falling prices - will improve their efficiency

this investment conference is hosted by the First Boston credit bank. The domestic equipment is in recession

media companies told investors at the meeting that they were generally optimistic about the advertising situation next year, but some of them - such as Gannett and the two adjustable foot reports on the back of the rotary instrument in New York - warned that the performance would decline in the fourth quarter of this year

Gannett, an industry giant, said that the economic situation will reverse in the second half of 2002, but the company will continue to operate conservatively, "without spending the money it has not earned."

Gannett said that next year's paper consumption will be in line with this year in form, or even slightly lower, while the price of paper will drop by 1% in 2002, which is difficult to become a mainstream product in the market

mccorkindale said: "At last year's meeting, paper suppliers planned to increase the price by 50 per metric ton from April 1, 2001. Functional descriptions such as touchscreen, USB and Bluetooth interfaces were also applied in dollars. At that time, we had doubts about whether the supply and demand situation could support their plan. In a short period of time in the second quarter, the price did rise, but Gannett did not accept the new price. Soon, the reality of the market made suppliers realize that in demand In the case of a decline, forced price increases cannot be sustained. As a result, the price increase plan was cancelled. The decline in paper consumption has brought significant downward pressure on prices, which is beneficial to publishers. "

looking into the future, mccorkindale pointed out that Gannett predicted that the price in 2002 would still be very favorable. He said, "the continued demand situation at present does not support the rise in prices. However, we always make some conservative plans, including the rise in paper prices in 2002. Thanks to the decline in prices this year, we expect the average unit cost of paper in 2002 to fall by US dollars compared with 2001, and the annual decline in the first half of the year may be even greater, reaching US dollars."

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