Application of liquid crystalline epoxy resin

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Application of liquid crystal epoxy resin

liquid crystal epoxy resin is a polymer complex with high molecular order and deep molecular cross-linking. It combines the advantages of liquid crystal order and complex cross-linking. Compared with ordinary epoxy resin, its heat resistance, water resistance and impact resistance are greatly improved, and can be used to prepare high-performance composites; At the same time, liquid crystal epoxy resin has small expansion coefficient in the orientation direction, high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss. It can be used in the field of electronic packaging with high performance requirements. It is a structural and functional material with bright application prospects. The contact points should be cleaned and polished or replaced with new reversing switches

according to experts, PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystalline polymers) matrix containing liquid crystalline epoxy has higher Tg than ordinary PDLC, and the optical and electrical properties have been improved accordingly: it has lower driving voltage, short conversion time, high definition, and the relaxation time is shortened with the increase of temperature, which is ideal for PDLC for display. However, from the perspective of performance research and development, there is no systematic report on characterizing the mechanical properties of liquid crystalline epoxy resin

the research of liquid crystalline epoxy started late and is not mature. At present, the research on liquid crystalline epoxy mostly focuses on the synthesis and phase characterization of main chain liquid crystalline epoxy, but there is less research on its reprocessing and application, especially on side chain liquid crystalline epoxy, which will become a research hotspot in the future. Therefore, to seek an effective way to reduce raw materials and processing costs, and to synthesize and manufacture liquid crystal epoxy with specified structure and good comprehensive properties will become the development trend of liquid crystal epoxy. At the same time, the two short plates derived from lithium battery and the modification of ordinary epoxy resin with liquid crystal epoxy resin is also a feasible way to realize the high performance of epoxy resin, which has broad prospects and inherent potential

with the deepening and improvement of research, liquid crystal epoxy will be more widely used in various fields of national economy

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