Lovol heavy industries, a demonstration enterprise

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"One belt and one road" demonstration enterprises: Lovol heavy industries

they are the embodiment of Chinese businessmen who sailed by Yang Fan in the 21st century. Go abroad and let the world know Chinese brands. Their driving demonstration effect is indispensable. Reason: in 2016, Lovol heavy industry's brand value reached a new high, reaching 40.518 billion yuan, becoming one of the enterprises with the fastest growth of domestic brand value in recent years

in recent years, Lovol heavy industries has always adhered to the globalization strategy. The main relevant data show that it is moving out, setting up R & D centers in Europe, integrating international high-end human and technical resources, and building a global R & D system

Lovol heavy industries has actively expanded its "circle of friends" in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries along the the Belt and Road while orderly promoting the upgrading of its full value chain capabilities in R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service. It has also joined hands with China's transportation construction, Qingdao Port and other strong Chinese enterprises to go abroad and continuously participated in infrastructure construction, resource development and other activities in countries along the the Belt and Road, Large orders have been successively obtained along the the Belt and Road

at present, Lovol heavy industries has built more than 300 distribution networks covering more than 120 countries and regions around the world to prove its doubts and inferences

comments: Lovol heavy industries, as a backbone enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, has actively responded to the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road". Under the background that the world has entered innovation intensive and industrial transformation, and domestic economic development has entered a new normal, Lovol heavy industries has taken the initiative to seize development opportunities, explore the development model of "global R & D, made in China, and global distribution", strengthen capacity building, implement innovation driven, and strive to improve R & D, manufacturing, marketing The level of operation and management has promoted the growth of connotation. Through the strategic layout of global resources and the integration of international high-end human and technical resources, it has begun to climb to the middle and high-end of the global value chain, and has taken solid steps in the transformation and development of enterprises

-- the Chinese people greatly improve the supply level of aviation materials, which is an important basic support for the development of advanced manufacturing industry and the construction of manufacturing power. He Xun, researcher of Market Research Institute

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