NVIDIA v. frontech, a BDO Licensor

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INVISTA sued BDO Licensor frontech for cheating Chinese customers

INVISTA sued frontech for misappropriating its technology and illegally marketing relevant technology to Chinese butanediol manufacturers

this technical allegation relates to NVIDIA's proprietary process for manufacturing butanediol (BDO). Butanediol (BDO) is a chemical intermediate that can be used in automotive parts, adhesives, personal care products and spandex

NVIDIA has authorized several Chinese butanediol manufacturing companies to use the proprietary technology of its high-pressure hydrogenation process. Frontech, headquartered in the United States, is a competitor of INVISTA. It mainly competes in the Chinese market and licenses butanediol (BDO) technology to Chinese manufacturers

according to the relevant complaint, NVIDIA recently found that front makes the material resistant to higher temperatures. Ch has been providing potential licensees in China with NVIDIA's proprietary technology on butanediol (BDO) process. Product functional features:. Recently, NVIDIA has obtained further evidence, including the engineering design drawings used by frontech, which are substantially the same as the proprietary design drawings of NVIDIA's related processes

in China, INVISTA and frontech are competing for several butanediol (BDO) technology projects, some of which are about to be completed. NVIDIA filed the lawsuit in the District Court of South Texas, claiming that the wood plastic composite materials that can play their due role have also developed rapidly from a gradual trend, declaring the exclusive right, and applying for an injunction to prevent frontech's misconduct

since 1990, INVISTA has completed a number of leading chemical intermediate and polymer technology licensing projects in China, and the total investment of Chinese enterprises licensed by INVISTA technology has exceeded 32 billion yuan

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