Current situation of China's business rotation IV

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The current situation of China's commercial rotation (IV)

when most of the live parts are printed on the commercial rotation, we may not use all the current 35 inch and 38 inch large-scale rotation, or the small-scale commercial rotation may only be 25 inch, 20 inch, or even 18 inch

in, the number of Japanese merchant ships began to decline after reaching the peak of 1469. It seems that the Japanese merchant ship market has been saturated and the excess salt in the water has begun to precipitate

not exactly. It was pointed out that the Japanese merchant shipping market seems to be declining in terms of the number of units in stock, but it is rising in terms of the total printing capacity. Because Japanese printers are replacing old business wheels, and the capacity of new equipment is times that of the past, the total capacity has actually increased

compared with the possession of nearly 1300 sets in Japan, a small country, China's merchant marine market with only 67 sets of installation is still in the "babbling" stage. However, we can not infer at this point what speed China's printing industry will grow by leaps and bounds. This simple method of inferring is worth discussing. After all, China's development track and business environment have too many "Chinese characteristics". Resources are limited, and the growth rate of paper output is one of the weaknesses that often make people dissatisfied with the development of the printing industry. How and how long it will take to reach the places visited by developed countries is not a definite number. Therefore, these data can be used to boost morale in the adverse market, but can not be a reason for us to follow blindly

we can make a conservative estimate: the development speed of the first round of business will be higher than that of the single sheet paper, but should not be higher than the growth speed of the demand market; Second, just like every prefecture in Japan has rotation, every province in China will have rotation. It's just a matter of time and how much

the precursor of the firearm era

the operators of the business wheel have become increasingly impossible to enjoy the exclusive price monopoly by virtue of the unique business wheel in a certain region. Pianan corner is in the past tense, In the interview, many operators issued that "today's business round is a nationwide competition "Sighs. On the list of customers of shanglun printing, there are many big customers who operate chain stores in China, such as metro and other international retailers. The consistency of their printing and purchasing across the country makes shanglun's labor prices more and more consistent across the country.

in order to prepare for the firearm era, some operators have begun to use new ways of thinking. For example, when purchasing equipment, in addition to the printing quality that usually needs to be inspected In addition to selecting the appropriate size, some soft factors have also been paid attention to. An operator who bought new equipment in 2004 introduced his experience and said that the set of supporting software system provided by the equipment supplier was very satisfactory to them and became an important weight for them to choose this brand

compared with the number of commercial wheels installed abroad, it can learn from M. manual control mode: the machine is equipped with a manual control board, which means something at the operational level. Combined with digital printing, the use of Internet to undertake live parts, the provision of electronic document management services and the deep processing of back-end online... These are still blank spots for the domestic business wheel Market. If one day the business wheel enters the firearm era, these competitive tools will be used more than a simple price war

as far as the current situation is concerned, the overall investment of Shang Lun is still very large, and ordinary enterprises are powerless. More importantly, the enterprises that own the business wheel have already occupied the first mover advantage in the competition. In addition to considering the investment burden, whether there is an innovative business model and advanced management and services that can attract customers who already have a fixed camp to the devil is the first group of new competitors of the business wheel. Therefore, the error of the test results should be considered

source: China Printing Market

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