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Printing machine industry pushes through the old to bring forth the new ink warehouse style has become a highlight

house prices have repeatedly reached new highs, but the transfer of ownership by the housing management office is still noisy; Internet has brought new applications, so that each load can only reach a certain load, and products thousands of miles away can be put in front of us instantly. However, the number of teams struggling to choose a or B or others is increasing day by day. It seems that we always have a reason to let ourselves bury our heads in the tangled road all the way to the West. We have really achieved the goal of making difficulties even if there are difficulties. It's not the high-level and sophisticated that will encounter this kind of preferential treatment. Unfortunately, the printing industry, which is not fashionable, is not immune from this

during the decade of the Internet industry, there have been many changes in printing products, which are core, essential, internal and external. But in general, the printing cost is getting lower and lower, and the printing performance is becoming more and more prominent

b. capacity segmentation: 7 gears in the whole process: × From a rational point of view, as a pure office application product, it should be recognized by more and more users by constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new on these two points. While printing products are constantly self-renewal, users are also constantly making profound self reflection and re creation in their own way. This point can be seen from the non environmentally friendly powder filling and the continuous ink supply

it may be that the current miserable situation has deeply hurt the manufacturer, or the manufacturers understand sadly that no matter how the users struggle, they can only follow the direction of users' needs, rather than picking up textbooks to educate users early. Anyway, in this game, users won. Epson's ink bin printer helped them finish up theoretically

based on their understanding of users, manufacturers of ink bin printers have found that users' needs for cost remain at the stage of no minimum but lower rustic emotion from beginning to end. This is one of them. Second, in the application of inkjet printers, users' demand for products stays in the concept of convenient use. In other words, they do not frequently purchase consumables for replacement, and almost ignore the costs caused by use. Therefore, under the guiding ideology of low cost and not long replacement of consumables, ink bin printers came into being

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