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Printing license is required for printers to be included in the scope of printing management.

the printing activities that have sprung up in the past two years and enable ordinary people to realize their dream of publishing books will no longer be laissez faire in the future. The person in charge of Guangdong Publishing Bureau visited Guangdong Minsheng yesterday and said that printing activities similar to those of printers must be included in the scope of printing management and must obtain a printing license. We have jointly developed innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable adhesive technology and new utilization

according to the information times, Yinke is also called in Ke, one of the 171 new Chinese words published by the Ministry of education in August2007. It refers to taking the Internet as the communication and contact channel with a year-on-year growth of 25%, and turning any words and pictures written, drawn and excerpted by the people into personalized printed matter with permanent preservation value

one book is favored at the beginning.

since the second half of 2006, with the reduction of printing cost of fast printing equipment, a book can be customized separately for only 30 or 40 yuan. This has made it possible for almost everyone to publish a book, and the network has also begun to produce a group of printers. According to the printing station, the cost of a 100 page book is only 28-50 yuan. This has made many ordinary people who have a dream of publishing books excited, and the printing activities soon became common in the Internet

yangyikai, deputy inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, said in the public voice yesterday that the state has not made any regulations on the printing behavior, but has allowed it to proceed freely. It is understood that some printing stations have taken advantage of the legal loopholes to use the network platform to sell printing customers, support the storage of data and call books, and avoid publishing when selling

printing stations evade laws

now the state has issued regulations to include printing activities in the printing management scope. Yang Yikai said that like the printing stations, they directly provide business typesetting, plate making, printing and binding services, which belong to printing business activities. They should be included in the supervision and management of the printing industry and obtain the printing business license in advance

in addition, if print stations publish personal collections and other digital works on the station and provide reading or downloading services, they should be included in the Internet publishing activities and obtain the Internet publishing license

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