Decoration budget line and wood furniture stair ha

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Line material accounting

I) wood lines

calculated according to variety and specification

corner line, edge line, decorative line, corner line, semicircular line, nail line, concave convex line, corrugated line

small specification (width 10~25mm), loss of 5%~8%; Large size (25~60 wide), loss of 3%~5%

gun nails: 0.5 box/100 meters, 20mm gun nails for small specifications; 1 inch round nail: 0.3kg/100m; White latex, 903 glue, instant: 0.4~0.8kg/100m

II) stainless steel lines

loss 2%~5% accounting of wood furniture materials

I) wood furniture has frame type, plate type, plate and frame combined type

II) frame type: Wood loss 5%~8%, wood plywood loss 5%~8%

III) special furniture: correction factor: 1.06~1.12

IV) decorative lines:

loss factor: wood lines 1.2%, stainless steel lines 1.06%, plastic lines 1.04%, Aluminum alloy lines 1.06%

V) furniture auxiliary materials

1. Adhesives: white latex, universal glue, 903 glue. Paste the decorative board according to the front elevation of 0.1kg/㎡

, double-sided 0.26kg/㎡, single-sided 0.14kg/㎡

2, fastening materials

1) round nails: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm

1/2.5in, 1/2in, 5/8in, 3/4in, 1in, 5/4in, 3/2in

; For frame type: 12, 20, 25, 38mm; Plate type: 20, 25, 32mm. Each nail is 0.2kg/㎡

2) wood screw: - + slotted head

common specifications: 10, 25, 38mm. Dosage 10mm:15 pieces/㎡

3) others: Nylon inverted tooth connector, hollow wood screw connector, expanded connector, claw connector, eccentric connector, right angle connector

3, furniture accessories

1) hinge: ordinary hinge, long hinge, concealed hinge

two for door height below 600mm, and three to four for door height between 600 and 1000mm

2) slide: drawer slide: one for each drawer. Glass slide: door width × 2

3) handle: plastic, metal

4) door clamp: magnetic door clamp, plastic door clamp, metal spring door clamp. One door clamp is used when the door height is less than 400mm, and two door clamps are used when the door height is greater than 400mm

5) furniture lock: door lock, drawer lock, glass door lock

material accounting of stair handrail

I) main material

1. Handrail material: aluminum alloy rectangular pipe, stainless steel or brass pipe. Bending correction and loss: 8%

2. Supporting material: handrail column material, handrail cross brace material

3. Thick glass material: 10~16mm

II) installation materials: angle steel 50× 50× 3. Square steel 20× 20. Steel plate 2mm thick, glass adhesive, stainless steel welding rod, copper welding wire, welding electrode, aluminum rivet φ 5. Expansion screw M8, steel screw 32mm, self tapping screw M5, stainless steel flange, polishing wax




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