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Decoration is a multi person project. If you want to decorate your home beautifully and comfortably, you can't rely on one person alone. Only when the owner correctly conveys his opinions and ideas to the designer, can the designer root

decoration is a multi person project. If you want to decorate your home beautifully and comfortably, you can't rely on one person alone. Only when the owner correctly communicates his opinions and ideas to the designer can the designer design a home that meets the owner's requirements according to the owner's situation. But, you know, it's not easy. So, how to communicate effectively

first, ask yourself what you want

before communicating with home decoration designers, you should clarify your immediate needs. For example, what are your preferences for the overall style of the room? How many members of the family live for a long time? Does each family member have any special requirements for information life, multimedia entertainment, remote monitoring, etc? What effect should we achieve in terms of using functions? These are all issues that consumers should carefully consider before decoration. Only by recognizing their own needs can they prepare for more targeted problems and let designers help solve them

second, prepare the problems you need to know

in the decoration stage, if you don't know anything about home decoration, it's best not to rush to choose the design and construction personnel. Because good communication is based on a certain understanding of home decoration by both parties, so as to avoid regret or even regret. You can learn some examples of room decoration, family decoration norms and processes, as well as the identification points of the purchase of decorative building materials, and choose the appropriate design scheme. At the same time, pay attention to the dynamics of the home decoration or decoration market, including advertising, and determine several alternative companies through their recent activities. Do not blindly go to the home decoration store to consult the home decoration designer or privately find construction personnel to decorate, wasting a lot of time, energy and money. In addition to these, we should also determine the decoration budget and the range of fluctuation, and never let the decoration become a bottomless pit

three, make every question clear

in the consultation stage, we can first let the customer service staff of the home decoration company provide us with the successful cases of the company and store designers, select the preferred ones from the atlas, and then talk to the designer. After a short understanding, if you are satisfied with the foundation, you can invite the designer to measure the room on site, so that the designer can have a more intuitive understanding of the overall structure, size and lighting condition of the house

clearly tell the designer how many people live in the house, whether they need to increase or decrease, the age and occupation of the residents, as well as their personality and preferences. If there are many visitors at home, we should focus on the design of the living room to meet the needs of multi-function, and even reserve accommodation space for guests; If you have family members who need to work at home often, you should make the study very unique, and the style of the bookcase and computer wiring should be reasonable and convenient to use; If there are old people and children at home, you should pay attention to choosing non slip and wear-resistant materials, and try to avoid sharp corners, etc

then let the designer fully express our vision and ideas for home according to the style and size of the furniture and materials we choose. Try to put forward your own requirements, such as whether to change the original structure of the room at home; Whether to change the pipes in the bathroom, choose bathtub or shower room; Tell the designer all the sockets, switches, furniture and electrical appliances you want to place in the future, and let him help us “ Materialization ” These imagination make it a realistic, beautiful and practical scene

IV believe in designers but don't blindly follow

as designers, it is inevitable to put some ideas into the design drawings, or do according to their own understanding, but some things are exactly what consumers don't like and can't accept. At this time, we can't rely too much on the ideas of designers. After all, the house is self occupied, so we must put forward opinions and let designers change according to practical needs until we are satisfied. Of course, since you choose a designer, you should give him more respect and tolerance. Designers are relatively professional and experienced, and their opinions are often reasonable. Consumers can try their best to listen to the opinions of designers and negotiate to solve problems when they arise





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