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The price of a whole set of cabinets varies greatly, even ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Where are the differences between these cabinets? It mainly exists in the following aspects:

1. Different brands

different cabinet enterprises have different brand connotations. In the long-term operation and development process, they condense various factors such as corporate culture, human feelings, product demands, product quality, and combine multiple comprehensive indicators such as brand popularity, reputation, customer recognition, and customer satisfaction

2. Different functions

for high-end brand cabinets, we should not only develop the basic functions of cabinets, but also make their functions more perfect through technological breakthroughs, such as children's locks, drainage tanks, dust corners and other details to meet the diversification of consumer needs

3. Different quality

cabinets should be professional mechanized products. Only professional production equipment can complete the process treatment of cabinet details. With the improvement of consumer awareness, consumers also pay more and more attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials

4. Different processes

in addition to material selection, the exquisite craftsmanship of Kangjie, Kebao, Haier and other brand cabinets is also a major selling point. For example, the smoothness of the edge banding of the cabinet, the gloss of the door panel, the splicing of the artificial stone table top, etc. the details are perfect, and the overall cabinet can reflect the distinctive high-end quality

5. Different services

a sound pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system plays a key role in the sales of cabinet products. Consumers can test the service level of cabinet enterprises through customer complaints on the Internet, newspapers, television and other media. At present, among the major brands of cabinets, the customer complaint rate of Kangjie is relatively low, almost reaching zero complaints

6. Different strengths

a cabinet enterprise with strong strength should not only have a modern production base, but also take the strength of the enterprise as the backing of product quality and service when selling products




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