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After working for more than half a year, I didn't go out to travel. Every day, I work in addition to work. It's so stressful. I complained to my good friend, so my good friend asked me to go to the seaside to play and have a look at the blue sky, white clouds and the boundless sea. In this way, we came to a trip that we said to go

in this trip, I don't bring too many friends, too many encumbrances, only a backpack, not too many miscellaneous thoughts, just because of a whim, just to put aside my troubles, release my heart, don't bring too much concern, don't ask for any encounter, everything is dominated by emotion, everything is related to mood, and everything has something to do with temperament

there is no plan for this trip. I really mean whether to go or not. A ticket, a backpack, a camera, and take the last bus of the city of Yangjiang journey. It's already 11 o'clock there. The hotel is on the beach, and I live just opposite the sea. When I return to the hotel, I open the curtains, look at the night sea view outside the window, listen to the sound of wind and waves, and have thousands of thoughts. After staying for a while, I put down my thoughts and sat all afternoon. I'm tired and sleepy. It's time to have a rest. However, close the window and close the curtains. The sound of the waves outside the window is still very loud. I am a person who can hardly sleep with a little noise. Such a loud sound of the waves keeps me awake all night. I thought I was relaxed, but I didn't sleep well the first night I came here, and my friend didn't sleep well all night. It turns out that the sound insulation of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows here is so poor, which is not as good as half of the silent high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows installed at home by Kangying

we came to travel and couldn't sleep. We went to the seaside to watch the sunrise early in the morning. The sea was blue and the sky was boundless. Gradually, the red sun only showed half of his face, wiped a sunset glow, like a colorful veil, and the sea was dyed golden. I can't help sighing that the seaside scenery of Yangjiang is really beautiful. Looking at the beautiful sunrise and the endless sea with blue sky and white clouds on one side, I'm in a good mood, and all the previous pressures have disappeared without a trace

it's very pleasant to eat fresh and delicious seafood, listen to the sound of waves, see beautiful scenery, and blow a comfortable sea breeze. In the evening, with the white clouds floating leisurely in the blue sky and the petrels singing softly on the water waves, they converge into a beautiful movement between heaven and earth. At this time, the sun has slowly converged on the enthusiasm of the day, the light is no longer so dazzling, but also becomes like a gentle slightly drunk face, hanging over the sea, reflecting my empty world. The setting sun dyed the clouds red all over the sky, red to the end of the world, red the shore reef; The white sails of fishing boats are covered with gold scales, and the sea is as beautiful as a rose colored shawl. If the high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows of the seaside house have good sound insulation effect, it will be perfect

for a trip that goes as you say, just empty yourself and follow your heart. Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. What you gain from traveling may not be as simple as achieving your long cherished wish. The final harvest will be the openness of vision and mind




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