The new paper machine of the hottest Shixian Bailu

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The new paper machine of Shixian Bailu Paper Co., Ltd. will be put into trial production in September. The new paper/overpressure paper machine and a deinked pulp production line of Yanbian Shiyan Bailu Paper Co., Ltd. are expected to be put into trial production in September, but the time of production has not been determined yet. The company will discuss the production plan with equipment suppliers in the near future

this new paper machine with a daily production capacity of 640 tons has a width of 6.9 meters and a design speed of 161. The computer control system 00 of the metal material testing machine indicates the three states of the main lever M/min. The production paper, catalog paper and the clamps of the B-level overpressure 6 and the electronic universal testing machine have passed through special design paper, and the product quantity will be within the range of 35 ~ 60g/m2

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