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The new national standard for jelly has been implemented for more than ten days, but there are still some jelly warnings that are not standardized.

the new national standard for jelly, which has been implemented since May 1, has been implemented for more than 10 days. Yesterday, after visiting Wumart yuxianqiao store, Carrefour Maliandao store and Shanghai Hualian Supermarket near Zhaogongkou, it was found that choking small jellies with substandard volume, weight and length had been hard to find, but the warning slogans of some jellies were not obvious and standardized

yesterday, in the jelly sales area of Wumart yuxianqiao store, we saw that five jelly brands, including Wangwang, Qinqin, Xizhilang and crayon Xiaoxin, were "packed together". The size of jelly sold individually has become significantly larger, while the diameter of bagged jelly is about 3.5cm. On one jelly that the belt on the packaging bag and each force measuring piston falls off or is too loose (so that the piston can not run at a uniform speed), the manufacturer also marked the words "do not swallow it in one bite, children under the age of 3 should not eat it, and the elderly and children should eat it under supervision"

the "full Chinese operation interface" of jelly is up to standard, but the prompt is still not standardized. According to the provisions of the national standard, safety warnings and eating methods shall be marked on the eye-catching position of the packaging and the smallest edible packaging of gel jelly with red words on a white background or yellow background, and the text height shall not be less than 3mm. Yesterday, I bought a crayon Xiaoxin fruit mousse strawberry flavored Jelly. Although the prompt was written on the package, it was written in black and sandwiched between the formula and the production date. There was no special treatment, so it was difficult to find it without careful search

however, the interview found that some citizens did not care much about the "size" increase of jelly products. Ms. Wang, a citizen who takes her children to buy jelly, will account for 2/5 of the machinery sales market by 2017. She said that she had heard of the potential safety hazard of jelly causing children to suffocate, so she rarely bought jelly for her children. However, Miss Liu and others said that they never noticed the size of the jelly. In any case, they would buy whichever brand is delicious

according to the China Sugar Association, the jelly manufacturers sold in Beijing are mainly concentrated in Fujian and Guangdong. Before the implementation of the new standard, enterprises have started to transform their products according to the new standard. The association has not seen the investigation, but it believes that from the perspective of protecting the development of the industry, enterprises should be buffered for a period of time. At the same time, the China Sugar Industry Association said that in the future, the jelly standard will be refined, such as the implementation period of the new standard

source: Beijing Entertainment News

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