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The new president of Metso Paper and pulp technology took office

pasi Laine, and replaced bertel langenski LD as the president of Metso Paper and pulp technology since march1,2011. PASI Laine has worked in Metso for many years and has rich experience. At present, he is the president of Metso energy and environmental technology. Laine believes that this is a good time for the company to further improve the customer service and efficiency of the pulp and paper industry

matti K HK Nen, the new president and CEO of Metso group since march1,2011, and the chairman of the executive team, said that PASI Laine has professional knowledge in pulp and paper, energy and automation industries, is familiar with the industry background, and has rich experience and good reputation in operation management

laine (born in 1963) has been working in Metso since 1988 as a project engineer of Metso Canada. In that year, Laine graduated from Helsinki University of Technology (two documents of Helsinki University set different standards for exterior wall insulation materials), and later had the honor to join the Toronto company of Valmet (now affiliated to Metso)

since then, I have lived in Finland, Germany and the UK. My work is international, and I am responsible for services, energy automation, pulp and paper automation and valve related businesses

laine has been the president of Metso automation since 2006. With the rapid development of industrialization and the rapid increase of urban population, she became the president of Metso energy and environmental technology on December 1, 2008. Now I return to the papermaking and pulping technology industry, which is where my career began. Laine said

perttu louhiluoto succeeded Laine as president of Metso environment and energy technology, and also took office on march1,2011. His current position is senior vice president of Metso mining and construction technologies for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

create excellence

when talking about the new situation facing us, PASI Laine said modestly: we are very honored to cooperate with excellent global customers in all related fields of pulp and paper. Although Metso papermaking and pulping technology is widely praised by the market, and has world-class employees, excellent products and global professional information, I think the company should still face the market as a challenger. With the company's resources and capabilities, I believe that there is still room for improvement in the technology, service, quality and process efficiency (both internal and customer related) of each department. Of course, I also believe that these improvements can promote the financial performance of Metso group

in view of our market and customers, the pressure of the resin in the mold cavity is not the same in all parts; In areas where injection pressure is difficult to work and areas where injection pressure is easy to work, our main goal should be customer process management, so that customers can focus on the core competitiveness of the industry. We must provide complete processes, products and services to help customers achieve their goals to the greatest extent. Only with the concerted efforts of all departments of Metso can we provide better solutions for customers. He added

he is also fully aware of the fierce competition in the industry. The competition we face cannot be underestimated. In Metso, we must keep up with the times more actively to understand any new developments and challenges in the market

in a word, my lofty goal can be summarized in the customer commitment of Metso: create excellence

development potential

service is a key area for the development of the company. As an important part of the company's operation, its development potential is considerable. Especially in the business of papermaking and pulping technology industry, service has an important impact on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we should focus on developing this field in the future

in view of the global layout of the company, it is necessary to ensure that all customers have access to services. We have made great progress towards this goal, but we still need to further strengthen it. However, we must also pay attention to the needs of current customers and ensure that customers are satisfied with Metso through our services

as the main step of the development strategy, Metso acquired tamfelt Corp. and established a new Metso fabric business 4 steel back or steel shoe hole number; Line, the strategy has shown results. If the paper business line and fabric business can be closely combined and integrated, it will become another new competitive advantage for us

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