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New pattern of water-based coatings, vigilance against "Shanzhai" disordered market

new pattern of water-based coatings, vigilance against "Shanzhai" disordered market

December 26, 2019


with the continuous development of society, people's living standards have been greatly improved, the most obvious of which is people's demand for living environment. It is mainly reflected in the fact that people pay more and more attention to the choice of interior decoration paint when they are carrying out home decoration. According to relevant statistics, "low VOC" and "water-based" have become important measurement standards for consumers when selecting products. The proportion of choosing high-quality environmental protection coatings in interior decoration is getting higher and higher. (6) before the completion of the experiment, the market share of domestic water-based coatings is gradually expanding, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Various manufacturers have made endless statements in advertising. In the field of home decoration, paint is the most basic material. Consumers who have experience in decoration have this experience. The most worried thing in the decoration process is that there is a problem with the paint on the wall. After all, once the paint is painted on the wall, it is not as easy to move as furniture. Once there is a problem, it means that the original materials should be scraped off and reworked. It is a matter of labor and money

however, due to the fact that "water-based" and "Jingwei" are developing coating products in China, the relevant detailed national standards, product standards and industry standards have not been improved. Driven by the interests of some illegal manufacturers, the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources in the production of counterfeit water-based environmental protection coatings is expected to reach 265million tons, which is a very serious situation of shoddy and fishy. Many paint products with "clean taste" as the selling point are often directly added to a large number of essence, which often cause great harm to human health. According to insiders, the counterfeiting and infringement of water-based paint products are often the most serious. These fake "Shanzhai" paints directly damage the rights and interests of consumers. So that the coating enterprises that really have technology patent rights have also suffered huge losses. In recent years, coating chemical enterprises have expanded rapidly, but there are not many real famous enterprises. Some illegal businesses pretend to be high-quality products and environmental protection products to disrupt the market economy, which has brought great harm to consumers, resulting in problems such as lagging marketing of many regular coating manufacturers. What's more, water-soluble coatings adulterated with alcohol ether additives have been found on the market. They claim to be able to combine the hydrophobicity of paint with the environmental protection of water paint, and the price is low. They are sold to many industries such as baking paint, quick drying paint, steel structure, etc. in fact, their VOC emission value is very high, which is not a real water paint at all, so it will cause great pollution to the ecological environment. For users in downstream home decoration and other industries, the water-based paint bought at a high price is fake water paint. After 1 to 2 years of use, there are quality problems such as fading paint, which makes them doubt and mistrust the quality of water paint

the reason why water-based coatings are valued by all countries is that it not only reduces the use of toxic organic solvents and reduces air pollution, but also its solvent is water, which is a resource-saving material. The coating environment is safe and hygienic. There is no fire risk in the storage place of the construction site. The construction equipment can be used without substantial transformation, and there is no need to invest in later combustion equipment to save energy. Especially in the following two aspects, the performance of water-based coatings is excellent

in terms of environmental friendliness, the whole life cycle of water-based coatings from raw material source to production and use is conducive to the healthy development of the environment. It not only replaces volatile organic solvents in the production process, but also cleans the coating tools with water when used, which also reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents

in terms of safety, only a small amount of low toxic alcohol ether organic solvents are used in water-based coatings, which greatly improves the workplace environment, is conducive to the health of workers, and promotes the annual key tasks of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism for civil aircraft aluminum. The general organic solvent of water-based coating (accounting for 10% ~ 15% of the coating) should not only focus on the brand% when purchasing. However, the current cathodic electrophoretic coating has been reduced to less than 1.2%, which has a significant effect on reducing pollution and saving resources

with the acceleration of national environmental governance, in the "13th five year plan" for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds pollution recently reviewed and approved in principle by the Ministry of environmental protection, it is proposed to encourage and guide the public to actively participate in VOCs emission reduction, and encourage the public to actively choose water paint to replace paint with high VOCs Pollution. Provinces and cities across the country have successively issued decrees banning oily coatings

therefore, it is believed that water-based coatings are undoubtedly environmentally friendly products. However, in the future development, we still need to pay attention to the "fake" products. As the saying goes, the recovery of the paint market is closely linked to the needs of consumers. The development of the paint industry should take the principle of good faith as the basic business ethics and fundamental code of conduct, earnestly fulfill the obligations stipulated in the consumer protection law and other consumer protection laws and regulations, strictly control the quality of goods, promote water-based environmental protection products, and Sincere service for consumers is the driving force for long-term development

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