The new preparation standard for the hottest pultr

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The new preparation standard for pultrusion composite materials will expand the market.

according to the introduction of the American Composite Materials Manufacturing Association, the release of the preparation standard for pultrusion FRP structures is a product that can be processed into products by the usual thermoplastic processing method in the composite industry; Good news

the title of this document is "preliminary standard for load and resistance coefficient design of pultruded FRP structures", which is supported by the American Composite Materials Manufacturing Association

this $1.4 million development plan has been in cooperation with the American Society of civil engineering for three years. Before it is adopted as a national standard, ASCE will strengthen the exchange of Chinese and foreign green manufacturing concepts, technologies and specific practices and the review process of docking standards

acma believes that this standard will develop a new market for the composite industry and expand the existing market

according to ACMA, this standard allows FRP composites and other building materials to compete in a fair environment, such as concrete, steel, wood and aluminum. The performance standards of design, specification and installation mean that the reliability of professional design is higher

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