The new packaging of the hottest Lithuanian Baijiu

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New packaging award for Lithuanian Baijiu

the packaging design agency LFH has been completely updated for Lithuanian Baijiu. Vodka is the main spirit of the business of stumbras, Lithuania, and is the company's best-selling mainstream brand

the Lithuanian vodka range increased by 43.65% year on year Wai is the original, Lithuanian flavor (cranberry, raspberry and cherry) and premium Lithuanian gold breakthrough

Bula ciburys, the marketing director of stumbras, said: in order to maintain our market leading position in the highly competitive market, it is important to ensure excellent product quality and appropriate software packages. We want to modify the Lithuanian vodka design and update the brand to also maintain the established heritage and give it broad appeal as the name suggests. LFH is a strategic partner for our business. This is a project. They are currently implementing the number of people for the first time

this work involves a detailed description of the contemporary brand given by LFH, while retaining sufficient support for its mainstream brand positioning. The logo and font have also been updated to give it a fresh feeling. The new design clearly stipulates that in addition to the traditional and gorgeous design, it stands in the past, so it will try to be on the shelf

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