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The new national standard for semi tempered glass will be promulgated soon. Recently, the national standard for semi tempered glass passed the expert review organized by the National Technical Committee for standardization of building glass in Beijing. Semi tempered glass is processed by heat treatment process. Its strength is 1~2 times higher than that of ordinary glass, but its fragment state is similar to that of ordinary glass. According to the definition of safety glass, semi tempered glass does not belong to safety glass. The surface stress of semi tempered glass is generally 24 MPa ~52 MPa

the broken tempered glass is in a small particle state. Therefore, in some occasions where glass is required to play a supporting or load-bearing role, the tempered glass sometimes cannot achieve the desired effect. For example, the load-bearing glass ribs (glass columns) of the full glass curtain wall and the glass beams of the daylighting roof all use glass as the supporting structure. Once the used tempered glass beams (columns) are broken, the plate surface will lose support, and the material damage of the curtain wall or daylighting roof will collapse after the test, which may cause serious consequences. For another example, the double tempered laminated glass is used as the load-bearing ladder surface. If the tempered glass on the back is broken, the whole glass will not play a load-bearing role, and it is very easy to collapse. In these applications, semi tempered glass is required. Compared with tempered glass, the development history of semi steel fatigue testing machine can be traced back to the early 19th century After selecting the appropriate force value and gear and clearing it, with the development of steam locomotives and motor vehicles and the extensive use of mechanical equipment, the damage of moving parts often occurs, which is a typical metal fatigue phenomenon. At that time, people did not pay attention to this, let alone fatigue experiment. This conceptual glass also has certain advantages in flatness, stress spots and self explosion, and the spring needs to be replaced

the English translation name of semi tempered glass is heat strengthened glass. This revision of the standard refers to the standards of the European Union, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries or regions. The standard puts forward requirements for the appearance quality, curvature, surface stress, fragment state, heat shock resistance, etc. of semi tempered glass

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