The new packaging of the hottest cheese is coming

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New packaging of cheese is coming

under the agreement signed with avisto packaging company, Outlook Group will market a new technology, which is specially designed for packaging cheese with thinner and stronger materials. Josephbaksha, President and CEO of the group, said: 4. Experiments with hints can improve the speed and promote benefits. "In the past 30 years, the packaging technology of cheese has been almost unchanged. The new technology we have introduced can ensure that cheese producers can find us to package their products with materials that are thinner, more solid and cheaper than the films currently used."

outlook's packaging system includes the company's printing and laminating flexible films and avisto's new cutting and sealing equipment. The equipment will be installed on the existing machinery. Cheaper packaging materials can be cut and sealed for packaging cheese of various specifications. Under the long-term agreement, outlook will sell equipment and provide packaging materials and printing services for cheese manufacturers. Baksha pointed out that the cooperation with avisto made the surface accuracy of line material printing molded parts worse, which enabled them to enter the cheese market. They also planned to apply the packaging technology of elastic coupling for the connection of electromechanical and oil pump to other branches of the food industry using similar technologies

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