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The national indoor environmental quality inspection center school decoration pollution warning

the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health reported on the evening of July 1 that the first outbreak of pandemic influenza A broke out in Beijing. Among the 16 students who successively developed fever symptoms in Nanhu Zhongyuan primary school in Chaoyang District, 7 students have been diagnosed with influenza A (H1N1). At present, 93 students, 20 teachers and 41 parents, a total of 154 close contacts of the first generation, have been found, and centralized medical observation has been carried out. In order to fully support and do a good job in the prevention and control of influenza A (H1N1) in schools. This morning, the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Commission and the national indoor environmental quality supervision and Inspection Center presented ten Tiansheng No. 3 sterilization and disinfection air purifiers to Nanhu Zhongyuan primary school, providing favorable conditions for the school to prevent and control influenza A

from today on, all universities, primary and secondary schools in Beijing and the country will enter the holiday in succession. All the experimental processes of the Chinese Laboratory 1 must wear labor protection gloves. The internal environment monitoring working committee and the national indoor environment quality inspection center today issued a warning on the prevention and control of indoor environmental pollution during school holidays, strengthened the prevention and control of indoor environmental pollution in schools, and warned against biological pollution in schools and chemical pollution in the indoor environment caused by the replacement of desks and chairs in decoration

according to the investigation of China Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee in recent years, there are almost indoor environmental pollution problems in the decoration projects of classrooms and dormitories carried out by some schools during the summer vacation! In view of the environmental pollution problem that the batteries built into your clothes in the school room during the holiday will be much better than the bulky chargers on these jeans, songguangsheng, director of the national indoor environmental quality inspection center, made the following analysis:

why is the indoor environmental pollution of the school decoration project more serious

from the perspective of school decoration projects, the main reasons for serious indoor environmental pollution are as follows:

first, the decoration period is generally relatively short. Because most school teaching places are relatively tight, they can be poured out of the classroom and dormitory for decoration basically after the students have a holiday, and the work must be handed over before the students start school. In this case, there is no release period of indoor harmful gases at all

second, the school decoration funds are relatively tight, ignoring the choice of decoration materials. In order to reduce the cost of decoration, most schools adopt low-grade decoration, simply brushing the walls, paving the floor, changing tables and chairs, which makes some polluting decorative materials take advantage of the situation

III. lax management of decoration works. The survey found that some schools still need to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation. The decoration contract signed by the school is environmental protection decoration. However, it was found that some universal insurance is actually an insurance product with investment function. Decoration companies do not perform the contract and steal the beam and change the column

IV. some school managers and decoration companies ignore the indoor environmental quality of school classrooms and dormitories, believing that as long as the decoration surface is OK, it is a qualified project, and the requirements for the indoor environmental quality of the project are not very strict

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