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On August 31, the National Library and the reading group jointly held a press conference on "collecting the classic and enjoyable literature of the times", officially announcing the strategic cooperation. At the meeting, Yuewen group was listed as the second Internet information strategic preservation base of the National Library. At the same time, hundreds of excellent works from the Yuewen platform were archived in the library

Zhang Xu, member of the Party group and vice minister of the Ministry of culture and tourism, pointed out at the meeting that the National Library and the reading group cooperated to jointly build the second "National Library's Internet information strategic preservation base" and make excellent original literary works into the National Library. It is an active exploration in the field of Internet information strategic preservation and service, which is conducive to expanding the new mode of public cultural services and enriching the effective supply of public cultural services, Better meet the diverse reading needs of the people; At the same time, it is also conducive to further cultivate this new type of cultural industry, encourage more new forces to create excellent literary works, inject fresh blood into the prosperity of cultural undertakings, and promote the prosperity and development of the cultural industry

Rao Quan, director of the National Library and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, said that the entry of new literary content resources represented by network literature into the national library will help continuously enrich the three-dimensional collection resources of the National Library, improve the collection and preservation system of interconnected information resources, and play an important role in serving the public in reading and learning, It is conducive to the proper long-term preservation and effective utilization of high-quality literary works, promotes these excellent literary works to play a more important role in spreading Chinese civilization and promoting positive energy, and provides greater space for the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. At the same time, it is hoped that in the future, more and more Internet enterprises and information service institutions will actively participate in the preservation of Internet memory, work together with the National Library to build a human digital memory database in the new era, and pool the majestic force to promote the sustainable inheritance of the achievements of national and national civilization and the memory of the times

as a new reading method in the all media era, digital reading expands the form of books and the media of text communication, has a huge user volume, and also condenses the "literary memory" of a new generation of "national reading". Among the 100 literary works collected in the museum this time, there are not only Qing Nian and Langya bang, which are rooted in traditional culture, but also great power heavy industry and material Empire, which focus on China's industrial development, Chinese Railway man, big doctor lingran, Chaoyang police, which describe the professional life of ordinary people, and Yutang Liugu, which pays attention to vulnerable groups, and other excellent works with multiple content themes, which deeply record the memory of the times It reflects the spirit of the times

Cheng Wu, CEO of Yuewen group, vice president of Tencent group and CEO of Tencent film, said that literature is full of youthful vitality. It is not only rich in themes, but also has vigorous imagination and creative vitality. It is also a mirror that reflects the current reality and social psychology. Yuewen has become a strategic preservation base for Internet information. Through the jingag600 large-scale fire fighting/relief amphibious aircraft, it will achieve the first colorful text content in the near future, timely and effectively record the current ideological style and features, and record the development context of the times. This is the meaning of Yuewen as a content platform. The vigorous vitality of culture comes from mobility. Relying on "history", based on "present", facing "future", using digital culture to continue the grand historical heritage, and using fresh original to retain the memory of the times, the light of culture can always shine

Cheng Wu said that as a platform for the classification and operation of friction and wear testing machines that almost grow together with the network literature industry, in order to ensure the normal progress of the project, Yuewen leads the digital culture industry to explore new upgrades and breakthroughs, endows network literature with more connotation with traditional culture, and at the same time, activates traditional culture with the help of digital technology to explore the complementarity and integration between the two. This time, with the National Library, we will assume our due responsibilities and provide more new possibilities for the inheritance of traditional culture through cooperation with the National Library

At the press conference, Rao Quan, the director of the National Library, and Wei Dawei, the Secretary of the Party committee, issued a thank-you note to the representatives of the writers present. The platinum writer "talking elbow" of Yuewen group said, "this collection of 100 excellent literary works is a full affirmation of literary works and creators. As a writer on the reading platform, I am encouraged by this affirmation. In the future, I will work harder and devote myself to creating, telling readers more wonderful stories, and shoulder the era's mandate to bring more and better works worthy of being collected in the library."

this cooperation is another new development of the National Library's joint social forces to jointly layout the hierarchical and distributed strategic preservation system of interconnected information. The inclusion of Luo literature into the national document and information resource preservation system shows the deep integration of Chinese traditional reading culture and contemporary Luo popular culture. Luo literature is gradually becoming a new literary style, recording the expression of the times. At the same time, the vitality of China's excellent traditional culture in modern society is also being further activated

it is reported that in the next step, the National Library and the reading group will carry out more in-depth cooperation around the promotion of original literature, resource conservation and protection, the application of new technologies, the innovation of reading services, and the development of cultural creativity, so as to help the inheritance and development of Chinese literature and culture in the new era, and make new and greater contributions to nourishing the national soul and cultivating cultural confidence

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