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On the morning of December 13, 2019, state machine intelligence held a cadre adjustment announcement conference in the multi-function hall on the fourth floor of the headquarters. Song Xin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the state machinery group, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Qin Hanjun, director of the human resources department (Party Committee Organization Department) of the state machinery group, read out the document of cadre adjustment and appointment: Comrade Ji Xuecheng was appointed secretary of the Party committee of state machinery intelligence, and it was suggested that Comrade Ji Xuecheng should be the director and chairman of state machinery intelligence; Huang Xing is removed from the post of Party Secretary of state machine intelligence, and it is suggested that Huang Xing be removed from the post of chairman and director of state machine intelligence

Song Xin pointed out that this cadre adjustment was a prudent decision made after the collective study of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of the state machinery group and the consent of the Organization Department of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, based on the actual construction of the smart leadership of the state machinery group. It is hoped that Comrade Ji Xuecheng will get familiar with the enterprise as soon as possible, speed up the role transformation, boldly carry out work, unite and lead the leading group of state machinery intelligence and the majority of cadres and workers, strive to promote the reform and development of the enterprise, and live up to the trust of the organization and the expectations of the majority of cadres and workers. The products have broken the long-term monopoly of foreign competitors to avoid extending the plan. We hope that the majority of cadres will fully support and cooperate with Comrade Ji Xuecheng to carry out work, work together, unite, and jointly promote the work of national machine intelligence to a new level

Song Xin said that after this adjustment, Comrade Huang Xing will also work in the field of scientific research and professional technology in national machine intelligence. He hoped that Comrade Huang Xing would continue to give full play to his personal advantages and expertise and make new and greater contributions to the reform and development of the group

for the next step, Song Xin asked: first, we should continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation and constantly strengthen the construction of the leadership; Second, we should adhere to steady operation, continue to deepen reform, and strive to promote the high-quality development of enterprises; Third, we should deepen the theme education of automatic constant temperature exhibition, comprehensively improve the quality of Party building, and effectively guide and ensure the reform and development of enterprises; Fourth, we should adhere to the principle of the party managing talents, focus on the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, and constantly promote the construction of talent teams. He stressed that the new era is the era of strivers. Only by being down-to-earth and working hard, can enterprises continue to become stronger, better and bigger. p>

Huang Xing said that he firmly supported the decision of the group, sincerely thanked the leaders at all levels of the group for their education and care, and thanked the vast number of cadres and workers for their help and support. He will redouble his efforts and work harder in the new field of work. He believes that under the leadership of the new leadership, the future of Guoji intelligence will be better

Ji Xuecheng said that he would resolutely obey and support the decision of the group Party committee, and would enter the role as soon as possible, work together with the majority of cadres and workers, and contribute to the reform and development of the enterprise. First, he would not forget his original intention, keep his mission firmly in mind, improve his political position, shoulder the responsibility of managing the party, and promote high-quality development with high-quality party construction; Second, be diligent in learning, be good at planning, insist on coming from and going to the masses, carry out in-depth investigation and research, and get familiar with the situation as soon as possible; Third, we should pay attention to inheritance, carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, uphold the value concept of working together for the same industry, innovation and win-win results, unite our efforts, and earnestly shoulder the mission of enterprise reform and development; Fourth, take on the historical mission of serving the national scientific and technological innovation by the institutions of transformation, and refine, strengthen and optimize the industrial development with the sense of mission and sense of "national needs and the advantages of national machine intelligence"; Fifth, take the lead in setting an example, practicing incorruptedly, taking the lead in implementing various systems and regulations, and creating a clean and upright entrepreneurial atmosphere for officers. p>

PENG Bing presided over the meeting and said that he firmly supported the decision of the group, warmly welcomed Comrade Ji Xuecheng to work for Sinomach, and would resolutely support and cooperate with Comrade Ji Xuecheng in his work, scrupulously perform his duties, efficiently perform his duties, closely cooperate, unite the members of the company's leadership and the majority of cadres and staff, gather the power source to overcome difficulties, and constantly promote the high-quality development of Sinomach

a total of 55 leaders and middle-level cadres of state machinery intelligence attended the meeting, and Beijing and Suzhou enterprises attended the meeting in the video sub venue

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