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The national important welding industry base will be located in Xinbin, Liaoning Province. The Party committee and the county government of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Fushun City are taking a series of effective measures to build Xinbin into a national important welding material and refabricator equipment. NASA and tethers unlimited Inc. (TUI) are cooperating to develop the equipment industry base. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the scale of the park will reach 6.67 square kilometers, and the annual output value will reach 30billion yuan.

taochenghai, executive deputy county head of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, pointed out that the northeast region, as China's traditional heavy industry, has more than 2100 survivors. The total mass of the 4.3.1 headform should be 10 ± 0.2kg. The consumption of welding materials and equipment are among the top in China. At present, there is no large welding industry cluster in the northeast region, Most welding materials and equipment need to be allocated from other regions, which greatly increases the cost of enterprises. Xinbin is located at the junction of Liaoning and Jilin, backed by Fushun, Benxi, Tonghua and other heavy industrial cities, with a unique geographical location and developed transportation network, which can ensure that welding materials and equipment can be transported to the Northeast Industrial Zone conveniently and quickly

when talking about the current situation of the base construction, Tao Chenghai said: the planned area of the base has reached 6.77 square kilometers, and the development area has been completed by 0.67 square kilometers. Up to now, Donggong Welding Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongyun welding materials Co., Ltd. have entered the park for formal production, with an annual total output value of 2000 tons of various types of aluminum alloy welding wires. The main construction of the 12000 square meter R & D center has been completed and put into use within the year. At present, three projects have been started in the park, including the aluminum alloy welding wire project of Fushun high tech electric porcelain company, with an estimated investment of 350million yuan, the construction of 10 production lines and a total annual output of 5000 tons. The high carbon welding wire project of China ordnance industry group is expected to invest 150million yuan, with a total annual output of 2000 tons. The flux cored welding wire project of Liaoning torch welding company is expected to invest 140million yuan, build 10 production lines, and have a total annual output of 20000 tons. At present, the welding industrial base has officially become one of the 13 characteristic industrial bases in the province

welding process is a key technology in the manufacturing process, which directly affects the product quality and service life. It has a broad market space in the automotive, boiler, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries. Due to the integration of many high and new technologies in the world today, the welding industry presents an intelligent and digital trend, creating a very high added value in the equipment manufacturing industry. In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment, new materials and other strategic industries have developed rapidly, which will play an important role in promoting the development of the welding industry

according to Tao Chenghai, according to the welding market situation, Xinbin welding industry base will take high-tech and high value-added projects as the entry point, and make every effort to build a modern welding industry base integrating production, learning, research and application, and the upstream and downstream linkage of industrial clusters. The key welding fields to be developed are modern welding materials, high-end welding equipment and welding technology applications

in order to develop the welding industrial base, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County has also introduced important safeguard measures, that is, to create a more preferential policy environment and attract talents, technology, funds, etc. to the park, so as to promote the rapid development of the welding industrial base. For example, strengthen the tracking service, open a green channel, implement one-stop whole process service, and assist the enterprises in the park to handle various approval matters. The construction land required by the settled enterprises shall be sold at the most preferential price in accordance with the relevant national land policies, and the county government shall give the enterprises financial support not less than the cost they pay for the land. For major projects, priority should be given to applying for national debt, discount interest for provincial technological transformation, special funds for science and technology and financial support

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