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everyone can see and touch the huge paint market. Whether the paint quality is good or bad, the grade is high or low, and whether it leads the consumption trend and is accepted by consumers requires scientific research institutions to take a good pulse and production enterprises to set a good position. The competitive launch of some coatings with unique functions is a good example. The "wesames should replace the sealing ring or combination pad" nano coating in the United States, the "dulao" water-based paint in Germany, and the "Nami" nano modified paint produced by Beijing Nami company. The "Zhongke Najie" nano water-based environmental protection paint developed and produced by Beijing Zhongke Najie Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute has successfully solved the problem of agglomeration and dispersion of nano materials in the paint, The nano particles are gradually dispersed and coordinated with other components in the coating, so as to achieve the unique "charge time double hydrophobic" effect of nano coating. Become a rising star in the coating industry. From this point of view, the technology market is no longer supported by two offices, two, a few formula materials and some simple experimental equipment, but requires a real "door-to-door, horse, home" type of whole process tracking service

with the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, the traditional coatings are also constantly upgraded. From the traditional scratch white, porcelain like coating, emulsion paint to the now popular nano water-based coating, people pay attention not only to beauty, comfort and durability, but also to environmental protection. Some traditional coating production enterprises have also embarked on the road of combining with scientific research institutions, relying on the advantages of scientific research institutions to constantly upgrade their products, To serve the society and benefit mankind, people not only pay attention to famous brands, but also pay more attention to the perfect combination of price and quality

China is the world's largest country with a large population. According to experts, the per capita consumption of coatings in the United States is 20 kg per year, while the per capita consumption of coatings in China is only 4 kg, which shows that its coating market will be surprisingly large. As a result, a dazzling variety of brand coatings have appeared, leading consumers to dare not rashly decide to use a certain brand. According to the author's research for many years, when consumers choose coatings, they should not only rely on the famous brand theory, not only the price theory, but also the performance they like

it is learned from thousands of manufacturers and engineering developers who produce the quality of "nano water-based environmental protection coatings" that the investigation project first focuses on the quality and high-tech content of products, and then on the tracking service of technology and products. As for the sales market of products, they are all "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, showing their magic powers". Some people think that they are paint factories, paint factories or latex paint factories. There are old customers and users. As long as the products are updated and the quality is guaranteed, there is no problem in the market; The other part believes that although I have never produced paint, I sell paint, have my own sales channels and sales personnel, sales experience and sales methods, and have my own construction team. As long as the product quality can pass, the market is ready-made; Another part of people think that I am a construction engineering company. As long as the quality is excellent, I have the the final say who I use the paint. What's more, my wife is a legal person, my son is a boss, and I am a customer. I produce and sell my own paint; There are also some people who really see the excellent quality and unique product performance of China's huge paint market. How can foreigners earn all the money of Chinese people and want to compete with foreigners! With the introduction and implementation of China's GB/T, GB/T new national standards and GB "limits of harmful substances in interior decoration materials", local governments have also issued relevant policies. According to the introduction of the city appearance and Environment Department of the Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, since August 1, 2000, all public welfare buildings in the capital will use nano coatings that can disinfect, sterilize, self-cleaning and purify the environment. According to reports, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places have issued documents that all exterior wall decoration should use paint, and ceramic tiles are strictly prohibited. The proposed method of expanding 3D printing to carbon neutral materials has opened up a new direction in the field of sustainable development. They call the toxic component "benzene" in solvent-based paint "aromatic killer". If you want to completely eliminate the harm of paint to human body, you should choose the lead screw drive and environmental pollution, a simple standard, Is to choose water-based paint (paint), which must be environmental protection products

China's entry into the WTO and its successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games have once again brought huge business opportunities to our coating industry. It is not only a challenge, but also a rare opportunity as shown in the retrospective report for the majority of domestic coating enterprises

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