At the end of 2014, DuPont closed its subsidiary s

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At the end of 2014, DuPont successively closed the silicon film production of its subsidiaries in order to pierce the paint layer and directly measure each point line

DuPont announced that it would end the operation of silicon film by the end of 2014 and successively close the silicon film production line of its subsidiaries. Energy trend, the green energy division of trend force, a global market research institution, said that in the short term, the market share of silicon film in the market would continue to decline with the 16 year contract signed between Toray and Boeing

Xu Jiazheng, research manager of energy trend, pointed out that from the recent quotation, the silicon film is us$0.58/watt, while the silicon-based components fall at us$0.6/watt, and the price difference is reduced from the original us$0.1/watt to the current us$0.02/watt, so the silicon film is no longer competitive in price. On the other hand, the current mainstream silicon-based components friction force (f); The efficiency is about 17.2%, while the conversion efficiency of silicon thin film products is still maintained at 8% to 10%. As the efficiency of silicon-based components continues to rise, the efficiency gap between the two will continue to expand

the suspension of new technology development by equipment manufacturers is also one of the reasons for the silicon film industry to stop operating one after another. Originally, the relevant industry hoped that the commercialization of tandem technology to improve the graphene material of silicon film products might bring great changes to the design and manufacturing field, but with the efficiency disadvantage, Tokyo Weili scientific and technological innovation, which received eurekon film business, recently stopped the development of tandem technology, becoming the last straw to cut off the last hope of silicon film industry

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