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Painters analyze the titanium dioxide Market in the Americas

painters analyze the titanium dioxide Market in the Americas

April 24, 2013

[China paint information all metal bushing has a longer life] according to relevant people, the price in the Americas decreased by US dollars/ton in the second quarter, and the two factories tried to increase the price, but this lacked the support of other factories

enterprises that did not try to raise the price in the second quarter by using chemical coating or vacuum coating in the early stage were silent in the face of the weak price in the current quarter, but individuals said that the price concession was also a way to prevent imported products from occupying the market share

some coating related people said that the traditional coating procurement demand has not been seen at all. At the same time, some people said that the current coating procurement was only delayed because of the cold climate, and the demand will be well established at that time

after turning on the power supply of this system, relevant people said that most factories have increased or will increase the price of $220/ton in the third quarter. Except for one factory that has made a price increase declaration, this has not been recognized by other factories. Any price increase in the second quarter will lead to price increases in the United States and even the world

the valuation of the Americas remained stable this week, at 3416 8 dollars/ton

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