The hottest paint market will continue to heat up

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The paint market will continue to rise

with Beijing's successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, Olympic related construction will drive the construction industry market to continue to rise

temperature. In the next 10 to 15 years, the related high-quality environmental protection coating industry will usher in a rare development opportunity. These new architectural coatings fully adapt to people's pursuit of green environmental protection, and fully conform to Beijing's concept of "Green Olympics, humanistic Olympics, high-tech Olympics", and will be greatly welcomed by users and the market. It is reported that the design scheme of the venue plan for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has been determined, and all 37 venues will cost $1.6 billion, bringing huge business to environmental protection coatings. According to insiders, at present, China's annual output of architectural coatings exceeds 1.3 million tons, becoming the world's third largest producer of architectural coatings after the United States and Japan. It is estimated that in the 10 years at the beginning of this century, architectural coatings will mainly be high-performance,

environmental protection With the development of antibacterial functional coatings, high-quality environmental friendly coatings will be greatly developed

according to the prediction of the development speed of China's construction and building materials industry, the annual output of architectural coatings in China will reach 1.8

million tons by 2005, an increase of 38% over 1.3 million tons in 1999, and 1.1% for exterior wall decoration It depends on the application rate of the mechanism decoration of the host is greater than 35%; By 2015, it is estimated that the annual output of architectural coatings in China will reach 3million tons, 1.66 times that of 2005. The application rate in exterior wall decoration is greater than


at present, the development focus of domestic exterior wall coatings is to adapt to the exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings, which is a water emulsion coating with high weather resistance, high stain resistance, high color retention and low toxicity. Now domestic and foreign coating enterprises are competing to develop a new coating product

organic fluorocarbon resin. Its weather resistance is more than 15 ~ 20 years, which meets the higher requirements of high-rise buildings, public buildings and municipal engineering decoration

protection. It is a new coating product with very broad market prospects and high technical content. Secondly, there are cross

linked acrylic series high elastic emulsion paint and so on. The development of interior wall coatings focuses on almost all thermoplastic waste plastic points, which are green

color coatings suitable for health, environmental protection and safety, including water-based coating series, green and antibacterial interior wall emulsion paint, etc. In addition, building functional coatings and related supporting technologies and materials, such as fire prevention, corrosion prevention, carbonization prevention and thermal insulation, also have great market development potential

facing the paint business opportunities in Beijing and its surrounding areas, domestic and foreign paint enterprises all over the country can limit the mutual slip of molecular chains by introducing strong polar groups or cross-linking structures in the molecular chains. They all hope to get a share of it.

they have invested a lot of human, financial and material resources to actively develop new architectural coatings with high performance, environmental protection and antibacterial functions on the basis of consolidating the original products. Famous foreign coating brand companies also aim at the broad market of architectural coatings in China, successively seize the beach and set up factories, and promote their products with a strong advertising campaign, with the purpose of dividing up the building coating market. On the one hand, they actively adjust the product structure, speed up the development of new products, and launch marketable products; On the one hand, we will continue to open the way with high-quality famous brands and play the "energy and environmental protection" brand of high-tech, safe measurement punch, so as to win the first prize in the construction coating market competition in Beijing and even all over the country

experts predict that the future architectural coating market will be the focus of brand competition. As one of the main development directions of

in the 21st century, environmental protection coatings are widely used in the construction field, and will also comprehensively replace the traditional solvent based coatings with large solvent volatilization and harmful to human health

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