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Paint market inspection: building the experimental zone central rise to see Xiaoxiang paint market inspection: building the experimental zone central rise to see Xiaoxiang

July 21, 2008

[China paint information] at the time of the country's vigorous implementation of the central rise strategy, at the end of last year, the State Council approved the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration as the national resource-saving and environment-friendly social construction comprehensive supporting reform pilot area. According to the experimental requirements of the comprehensive supporting reform of the construction of a two oriented society, we should comprehensively promote the reform in all fields, take the lead in making breakthroughs in key areas and key links, make bold innovations, form an institutional mechanism conducive to energy and resource conservation and ecological environment protection as soon as possible, take the lead in walking out a new urbanization road with low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, strong factor agglomeration capacity, reasonable industrial layout and population distribution, and promote economic development and population Coordinate resources and environment, promote sound and rapid economic development, and play an exemplary and leading role in promoting national reform, achieving scientific development and social harmony. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for domestic coating enterprises advocating environmental protection to consolidate and expand the Hunan market, which must not be missed

Changsha - huge market potential radiates all over the province

capital city of Hunan Province, political, economic and cultural center, and consumer awareness radiates and affects all parts of the province

Gaoqiao paint market and Mawangdui environmental protection building materials City in Furong district are the main paint markets in the city. Paint brands from all over the country basically gather in this market. At present, there are nippon, Dulux, China Resources, garberry, Bauhinia Flower, three trees, bards, metox, Xiangjiang, Kao, oulong, jialish, 3a, elephant, Haofang, Saite, Hualong, Yaduo, apple, Laiwei, chrysanthemum, Lishi, Shiji BANGYUN, Huashi crocodile, baoshite, BAONIAO, ficot, Wallace, jiashibao, Dongyi, Dufang, lipai, xuanweida, camel, Haotian Hongbang paint and other more than 40 domestic and foreign brand stores. There are scattered coatings in other markets

according to the dealers, the consumption market and consumption potential of this city are huge, and the influence of brand paint is greater

Zhuzhou - mature market environment and convenient transportation

an important industrial city and transportation hub in Hunan Province, recently, the city issued the "blue sky and clear water action plan" to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator

baishigang building materials market, located at the south end of baishigang bridge, Jianshe Middle Road, Shifeng District, is the largest building materials and decorative materials market in the city, with complete products. With a good surrounding environment and complete supporting facilities, the market is an ideal decoration and shopping place. The paint street of the market is located by the river, with a total length of about 200 meters. At present, there are more than 40 paint and coating brand stores, including master, Nippon, China Resources, garberry, sankeshu, elephant, Hualong, bards, Jotun, metox, jialish, shuizhongtian, Nanbao, Sanli, jialeshi, Dabao, Bauhinia, chrysanthemum, giraffe, Lishi, apple, digital color, Meizhi, Vialli, zhanchen, AIA, Yulian Dulux et al. In addition, the city's Shifeng building materials market, which faces the market across the river, also has a certain influence

Xiangtan, the hometown of Mao Zedong, a great man with a highly centralized market and excellent procurement environment, is also an important industrial city in Hunan Province and the main access to Guizhou Province. Together with Changsha and Zhuzhou, it forms the "Golden Triangle" region with the most developed politics, economy and culture in Hunan Province

Shaziling building materials market and Hongqi trading city located in Yuhu District are the two most important markets in the city. Hongqi trading city is invested and built by Hongqi Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. with a market area of 300 mu, a construction area of 150000 m2, and more than 1800 commercial fronts. It is a professional integrated market for toys, clothing, building materials, agricultural and sideline products

at present, there are more than 20 paint and coating brand stores in the two markets, including domestic and foreign brands such as nippon, China Resources, garberry, Hualong, sankeshu, metus, Gareth, elephant, Sanli, Carlos, Dabao, Bauhinia, chrysanthemum, giraffe, apple, digital color, Vialli, zhanchen, AIA, bards, Dulux, etc

Changde is located in the main traffic road with obvious radiation effect. It is the gateway to northern Hunan and the main channel to and from western Hubei, Eastern Chongqing and eastern Guizhou

the railway station market located in the city is a key market contracted by the local government. It is planned to build the largest modern wholesale market in the central and western regions with stable export growth. The transportation is very convenient. It operates eight brands, including sugar and wine, non-staple food, electronics and appliances, hardware, ceramic sanitary ware, clothing and general merchandise, decorative plates, paint and coatings. At present, the domestic and foreign paint and coating brand stores in the park include nippon, Dulux, Dabao, China Resources, metus, garberry, bards, Zhonghua paint, Nanbao, Hualong, elephant, Haojia family, jialish, Huayang, Dewey, Dufang, Haotian, Bauhinia, Lvbo, (1) increase the support for the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, sankeshu, Overlord flower, Alice, Huilong, Guxiang, bailidi, Da'ao, bards Oulong, crocodile, Aobei, Lishi, Carlos, qiansehua, Mickey, yipindibang, Citigroup, etc

in addition, there are two relatively large markets in the city, Xinglong decoration city and Qiaonan decoration market, but there are only a few paint brands in the city; There are also many painters along Yucai Road in Wuling district

according to the dealers, Changde has an excellent geographical location and outstanding people. If it can set up a good situation in the three markets of the city, its radiation effect is very obvious. They very much welcome strong and insightful brand coatings to settle in

Zhangjiajie -- the world's tourism city has accelerated its development.

one of the world's famous natural heritage sites. Country garden group, a nationally renowned real estate developer, has entered

the hardware and building materials market located in Yongding Road, Yongding District is the largest decoration materials market in the city. The market has a complete range of paints, coatings, hardware, locks, ceramics, sanitary wares, decorative plates, plumbing accessories and furniture supplies. Since its opening in 2003, more and more manufacturers and businesses have entered the market. According to the dealers, the consumers in this city basically purchase here. If they occupy this market, they will own the whole city

it is understood that the Chang Zhang expressway has been opened, and the distance is only about an hour, so the transportation is convenient. At present, there are more than 10 domestic and foreign brands in the paint and coating stores in the market, such as nippon, Dulux, China Resources, garberry, baudis, Hualong, metox, Haofang, qiansehua, Qingda nano, Carlos, Xiangjiang, etc

Yiyang - Taohua River beauty nest new positioning and new development

the famous hometown of Nanzhu in China once won the reputation of "Silver City" with its good port advantages. Close to the provincial capital Changsha, Changsha is vigorously accelerating the urbanization construction in order to build its "back garden"

Yiyang Yincheng market, a hometown of bamboo and wood, was founded in 1999, with a construction area of 57000 square meters and a total investment of 72 million yuan. It is a market with considerable characteristics. The market is dominated by bamboo products, and there are six professional wholesale markets for building materials, furniture lighting, cloth art, automobile trade and so on. Bamboo products are not only sold all over the country, but also exported to Japan, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. Paint is distributed in twoorthree districts of the market, with more than 10 domestic and foreign brand stores, including nippon, China Resources, garberry, sankeshu, bards, love, Dulux, Nanbao, metox, oulong, qiansehua, Fuxiang, Asia Pacific, Bauhinia, Futian, camel, crocodile, Hongchang, 3a, etc

many dealers have reported that the pace of construction in the city has accelerated and the market is broad. They hope to find domestic famous paint brands with vision, brand, good quality and good reputation to strengthen cooperation and win-win results

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