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The highest price of paint broke out in Shenzhen

the highest price of paint broke out in Shenzhen

July 21, 2005

July 10, "sunshine Jieshi" Honghu Second Street, Bantian, Longgang three stores opened at the same time. It was found that its anion coating products were uniformly marked with the highest market price - 43.6 yuan/square meter, and 1956 yuan per barrel for 5 liters. Although the price of coating products has increased slightly due to the sharp rise in the price of raw materials and the continuous increase in freight in the coating market recently, the market price has basically remained between 15 yuan and 25 yuan per square meter, and the "sky high" coating can handle 30million pounds of materials every year, which has attracted the attention of insiders

"only do business for 20% of people"

in Longgang meijiatiandi home building materials square, the "sunshine Jieshi" anion product was compared with an ordinary environmental protection coating product: the latter was priced at 300 yuan/5 liters, and the paintable area was about 30 square meters, which was calculated according to the whitewash area of 100 square meters of the room as 250 square meters (room area × 2.5 the painting area can be easily estimated), and the required coating is about 40 liters, that is, 2400 yuan; The price of "sunshine Jieshi" is 43.6 yuan/square meter, so the coating price required year-on-year is 10900 yuan, more than four times that of the former

how to position this new product far beyond the market price? Can it be accepted by the market? Chen Yandong, general manager of Hao industry, the general agent of the product, told, "sunshine Jieshi wants to do business for 20% of the people." By implication, the product focuses on the high-end consumer market

high quality is not afraid of no market

I learned that anion coatings have been launched in the Shenzhen market for many years. Most products boast that the laboratory test anion concentration can reach about 5000 per cubic centimeter, which can improve the home environment, but its sales situation is not very optimistic, so that the price of this so-called "high-tech environmental protection product" is almost the same as that of ordinary coating products

according to Chen Yandong, the problem is that consumers have doubts about the effectiveness of products, resulting in a crisis in product sales. It is reported that at present, "sunshine Jieshi" anion coating has passed more than 20 professional tests and certifications, and has been jointly tested by Shenzhen Academy of Building Sciences and Guangzhou Institute of environmental protection science on the actual room decoration. The results show that the concentration of anion produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is up to 6240/cubic centimeter in recent years, The laboratory results show that the concentration of negative ions per cubic centimeter can reach 10710, far exceeding that of similar products

Chen Yandong believes that the effectiveness of the product makes its spring tension and compression testing machine should be properly grounded to occupy an absolute competitive advantage in the paint market, and because of the high research and development cost of the product, "the University Industrial Research Institute we built makes" 43.6 yuan/square meter "inevitable, in order to lead the paint market

consumers are very "picky" in choosing coatings.

businesses think "rare goods can live in", do consumers buy it

just as purchasing solid wood flooring pursues environmental protection quality and even praises "E0 grade flooring", with the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers become "picky" when purchasing coatings. A survey shows that 80% of consumers are willing to pay 10% more for green products with good quality and beneficial to human health

an owner of sunshine palm garden used "sunshine Jieshi" negative ion paint for decoration in April this year. Although the paint cost was increased by 10000 yuan, the owner said that it was better to choose high-quality products in advance to prevent disasters than to take remedial measures after home decoration

the industry predicts that the paint market obviously presents the problems of insufficient high-quality products and excess supply of low-quality products. With the further rise of paint costs, it is bound to cause businesses to turn to developing high-priced and high-end products to develop a high-end consumer market with huge demand for environmental protection

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