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A paint processing plant in Guangzhou caught fire, exploded, and a thousand square meters warehouse was burned down

its development speed was 10 points amazing. A paint processing plant in Guangzhou caught fire, exploded, and a thousand square meters warehouse was burned down

August 23, 2010. Domestically speaking, reading: Source: Guangzhou | contribution

[China paint information] at about 1:30 p.m. on August 19, an unknown paint processing plant near Puji hospital, Lixin Guangming Road, Dongcheng caught fire and caused an explosion, The fire burned for more than half an hour and burned a warehouse, covering an area of more than 1000 square meters. Fortunately, there were no casualties. At present, the loss caused by the fire is unknown, and the fire department is investigating the cause of the fire

when they rushed to the scene on the 19th, the fire had been basically extinguished by Dongcheng firefighters, but there was still a strong smell of burning chemicals. Nearly ten firefighters were watering to cool down, and meimeike's global market share exceeded 1/4 to prevent the re ignition of combustibles

the two warehouses where the fire broke out were storing paint raw materials and some unknown objects in barrels. The top of a house was overturned and the walls burned. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of universal testing machines, impact testing machines, tensile testing machines, pressure testing machines, horizontal tensile testing machines. Nearby residents said it was caused by the explosion, and most of the things stored in the two rooms have been burned

according to nearby residents, the fire lasted for more than half an hour, and firefighters quickly controlled and extinguished the fire after arriving. "When the fire was at its peak, it was nearly 10 meters high." A witness told that the fire was fierce at that time. Fortunately, the firefighters came quickly, which made the surrounding houses survive

after walking around the plant area, I found that no workers were in the plant area, and the dormitory door was open. Obviously, after the fire, these people ran away without closing the door. After the fire was extinguished, no one came back to the plant to count the losses and assist in the investigation. After searching for a long time, no one found the name of the processing plant. According to insiders, the processing plant may be a black workshop

a firefighter at the scene told that the burning substance should be a certain chemical raw material, but the specific substance should be tested by professionals

as for the cause of the fire in the factory, the firefighter said that it was not clear at present. It was necessary to find out the person in charge and workers of the factory first, and then investigate the scene of the fire

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