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The paint market is depressed. The paint business "all living beings"

the paint market is depressed. The paint business "all living beings"

December 25, 2012

[China paint information] the development of the paint industry this year has been affected by multiple influences from inside and outside the industry, and the market performance has become an indisputable fact. When visiting the market, I heard the most words from merchants: "the general environment of the industry is bad this year."

the more depressed the market environment is, the more time it is for businesses to show their business wisdom. During the market visit in Anhui, it was found that in order to cope with the depressed market conditions, businesses have tried their best to save themselves from the market quagmire. Their performances are different, but they are full of confidence in the future of the industry

Ma'anshan City: the building materials industry is developing rapidly

the paint shops in Ma'anshan are mainly concentrated in Kanghua square on Huashan Road, Dongyuan Meijiale home Plaza, Xinxin Building materials market and surrounding streets, with Huashan Road as the center to form a building materials industry concentration area

Huashan Road is a large-scale building materials market integrating processing, batch optimization, development and retail of key technologies such as deformation rolling and heat treatment. Here, there are many facades and a strong commercial atmosphere, including large brands such as Huarun paint, Jiabaoli paint, and meitushi paint. Manager Yang Caihua has been engaged in meticulo paint for many years. She told me that meticulo paint has a high reputation in the local area, including decoration paint and furniture paint. "This year, the general environment of the building materials industry is bad, the business is not ideal, the decoration market is depressed, and many communities are empty. Most people who buy houses will cut off the heated samples from the middle according to the above heating system."

in Xinxin Building materials market, he Xing, the person in charge of Guanghui paint shop, just received several customers and was very busy. He said that there are about fourorfive paint dealers in Xinxin Market: "Ma'anshan market is developing well. With the economic take-off of Ma'anshan people and the improvement of consumption level, the rapid development of building materials industry has been directly promoted, and Ma'anshan building materials industry will also follow the pace of Yangtze River Delta market to flourish."

He county: in the construction of building materials market, merchants wait and see

He county is located in the east of Anhui Province, on the West Bank of the Yangtze River, adjacent to Jiangsu Province in the northeast, and the permanent resident population of the county is 100000. It is understood that there are more than 30 paint dealers in Hexian County, but the stores are scattered and not concentrated. Among them, big brands such as sankeshu paint, Huarun paint and Jiabaoli paint can be seen here

Tao Xiaomei, a dealer of Intertek paint, said that there were less than 45 paint dealers on the road where she made Intertek paint in March this year, and the competition was not fierce; However, the local building materials market tends to be standardized: "at present, a building materials city is under construction, and businesses have signed or purchased stores." Li Jianhai, who runs europaise paint on Longtan North Road, told him that he had also learned about the new building materials city and planned to complete it next year. "But at present, there are not many businesses that have signed up to settle in, and I have no plan to settle in at present." Li Jianhai has been in this industry for many years, mainly focusing on home decoration paint. Caichuanlin, head of the red apple paint store on Fukang West Road, also said that most businesses in the building materials market under construction are still looking forward to the completion of the plant dongti of Guangbo motor, jinhongsheng phase 2 and other projects: "because we have some fixed customers in our existing address, if we change our new address, we are worried about the loss of existing customers, and risks and opportunities coexist."

in addition, Manager BU Yingjun, who operates Pentium paint at the north gate of the bus station, has been acting for Pentium paint for several years, and its products are mainly used in factory construction. "I'm the only paint dealer near here. Because I deal in anticorrosive paint, I don't need to be in the downtown area where the traffic is concentrated." Bu Yingjun said so

Hanshan County: consumers only recognize brands

the impression of the county-level paint market before is that it is very good to have a paint shop in a county; However, after visiting the building materials market in Hanshan County, it was found that although there was no centralized building materials market in Hanshan County, there were more than 40 paint sellers. Cai Jitao, the general manager of decorative home paint, learned that he has been doing decorative home paint for five or six years, and his business is average, mainly home decoration. He told that the best selling brands in Hanshan county are nippon, Dulux and giraffe

"if you think that the county (consumers) do not recognize the brand, you are very wrong." Caijitao said, "consumers in Hanshan pay great attention to brands. You can't do business without contacts, which can help you improve your success rate by 80%. If your brand is a big brand and your local relationship is not good, it's difficult for you to do business if you don't want to."

Wang Jun, who also proposed the development of China's waste foam granulator, said that what sankeshu did in Hanshan was all home decoration paint. "The market in Hanshan is still very scattered, but now it is slowly standardized, like now it has standardized a resource-saving building materials market." But Wang Jun also said that this market is not very large, and there are few paint sellers, so he has no intention of entering. "But in the later stage, a market with a scale of tens of thousands of square meters will be built in Hanshan, which can accommodate all paint shops in Hanshan county. At that time, we will see the subsequent planning of the market. If appropriate, we will also consider moving there."

Lujiang County: the construction of building materials market failed.

Lujiang County is subordinate to Hefei City, Anhui Province. It is understood that there is no formed building materials market in Lujiang County, which is mainly concentrated in Juner Road, Wenchang Road and other places

visited many paint shops such as Huitong paint, elephant paint, Kao paint, crocodile paint, Asia Pacific paint, etc. Wangchangkun, a Huitong health care paint dealer located on Juner Road, told that there were almost 100 paint dealers in Lujiang County, large and small, but there was no formed building materials market, and the paint stores were mainly distributed in several streets. "Several new paint brand stores opened last year have closed. Although business this year is much worse than in previous years, with my years of decoration experience, the difficulties are only temporary, and I am still optimistic about this industry." Wang Changkun said

he Xianchao, the person in charge of elephant paint on Wenchang Road, was the agent of elephant paint last year. Talking about business experience, he said that selling together with the floor was better than selling only a single paint product. "I have been told that a building materials market will be built before, but due to the shortage of land, the construction has not been implemented." He Xianchao said. At present, its sales volume is relatively good on the same platform, and its products are widely recognized by consumers

in addition, Wang Decheng, head of Asia Pacific paint store, also told: "Wenchang Road is a street of paint and building materials, and the brands are relatively the most concentrated." He also revealed that the Asia Pacific paint is mainly stone paint. Next year, he plans to focus on developing the township market and plans to slowly establish the point

Hefei: the paint market has been impacted

this round visited Hefei Hongqi building materials wholesale market, Oriental mall and wulimiao decoration world. In Oriental mall, Zhao Min, who operates Feiyang paint, said that she has operated Feiyang paint for several years. "The brand popularity of Feiyang paint is still slightly lacking in the local area. The most popular brands in Hefei are China Resources, garberry, Nippon and Dulux."

it is understood that Feiyang mainly focuses on tooling and retail locally. "Under the pressure of the real estate market, I feel that this year is the most difficult year. In addition, most family decoration has chosen custom-made wardrobe and door, and there are also many wallpaper, so this piece of paint has a great impact." Zhao Min told that at present, an East China building materials market has been built locally, but no unified specification has been formed. "East China building materials market faces the whole East China, mainly wholesale. At present, Dulux and Nippon have entered."

in addition, in wulimiao Building Materials world, manager Zhang Lin, who manages Linghu paint, said that this year's industrial paint market in Hefei is very depressed and has been contracted. In the Hongqi building materials market, Zhang Yun, who makes Carlos environmental protection paint, said that the market is not very good this year, and the sales volume has been reduced compared with previous years

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