The hottest paint market will bloom and wither

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Who will be in full bloom in the paint market? Who will wither

who will be in full bloom in the paint market? Who will wither

August 1, 2016

[China paint information] data show that in the first half of 2016, the paint output of Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide was 164.60 tons, an increase of 7.2% year-on-year; The cumulative output was 8.4149 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 6.4%. According to the data, the production capacity of the coating market is still in the expansion stage. Since the beginning of the year, many international brands have also poured into China, giving people a sense of prosperity and intensity. However, if we link this with China's supply side reform, we can generally conclude that the domestic paint market is not really saturated, but consumption is not satisfied. With the rise of middle-class consumption, the demand for environmental protection and aesthetics has increased, and the paint market has also shown diversified development. The rise of water-based paint, art paint and diatom mud paint has broken the unified situation of traditional paint

among the rising trends, art coatings are popular with consumers because of their aesthetic and personalized advantages. In order to seize the art paint market, various brands have their own unique tricks, including independent brands focusing on this, introducing foreign technology, and the traditional painting that came out halfway, the combination of strong and strong, and the breakthrough of the Raiders

metox. In April this year, metox held a "metox wall art paint recommendation meeting" in Chengdu, officially announcing the introduction of Italian imported art paint - "vatis", And launched three series of "vatis" including Carlos, Milan star and balashi. It is understood that the strong launch of the Italian imported art paint "vatis" by metus this time is to meet the needs of personalized furniture decoration, create a variety of new interior wall art decoration products, and establish brand differentiation with competitive brands; On the other hand, it is also a plan for the new market growth of Metz. Fiber reinforced materials are compatible with any thermoplastic and mixed fiber solution. In May of the same year, Zhongshan meitushi fantis art coating experience hall was grandly opened, laying the foundation for meitushi to enter the field of art coating. In fact, as early as before the introduction of vatis, painters had been involved in art paint, only promoting their own art paint product - art color paint. The high-quality wall decorative art coating of Metz itself integrates the dual functions of coating and wallpaper, and has both artistic texture and health and environmental protection

as an all-round coating enterprise, Nippon saw the development trend of art coatings coming in 2015, and innovatively launched Milano mi-lano art paint. It is understood that Nippon Milano mi lano art paint originates from advanced decorative materials in Europe. This product is different from the general traditional latex paint. The brushing effect is more three-dimensional, and it can also be different with the change of light. It also has a big breakthrough in aesthetics. It only needs a simple brush to create a dazzling parade effect. Not only are the colors comparable to wallpapers, but they are also far superior to wallpapers in terms of lasting color retention and service life. For the launch of art paint, caizhiwei, vice president of Nippon China decorative paint Market headquarters, said: "we hope that the emergence of Nippon art paint will not only bring consumers and designers new choice space, but also let more and more people realize the importance of decoration to life, let more consumers join the art trend of wall decoration, and enjoy the charm of fashionable home decoration." At present, Nippon Milano mi-lano art paint has two effects of floating light and velvet, which can improve the overall decoration style only by combining with other designs

facing the great popularity of art paint, sankeshu chose to combine the famous Italian art paint brand San Marco art paint to achieve overtaking in curves. It is reported that San Marco group is a European art paint brand. The Italian San Marco group, which originated in 1962, has five branches in Europe and exports to more than 65 countries. In November 2015, three trees released six series of art products, including the Rainbow series, the flowing gold magic series, the dream Venice series, the rock pattern series, the Roman classic series, and the flowing light and color series. In terms of service, sankeshu launched a one-stop service of "one-stop products, one-stop services and one-stop construction", which made sankeshu art paint more in line with the Chinese market. Sankeshu will also create a more complete product line to help consumers enter the "lacquered" world and create a comfortable high-quality home life experience. In addition, it is worth mentioning that three trees have been officially listed this year, and the new actions of three trees on art paint in the future are worth looking forward to

on July 8th, 2016, bards group successfully introduced novar, the top Italian art paint brand, which will fill the gap in the high-end field of domestic art paint. Prior to this, bards group had imported art coatings such as Milan starlight from Italy and achieved certain results in domestic promotion. It is understood that the product formula of bards art paint originates from Italy. The product decoration style is designed in accordance with Italian style. It has the 3D refined texture and sense of hierarchy of diatom mud products. The texture is outstanding, and the appearance is exquisite and durable. You can also be creative according to your needs, match patterns and create new effects at will. The Nova brand products introduced this time are not only suitable for indoor decoration, but also can be applied to outdoor decoration, whether it is family decoration, hotels, villas, various leisure places. At present, bards has divided three major series in art coatings, respectively aiming at public demand, mid-range demand and high-end demand, forming a comprehensive product line of different grades. It is revealed that in the future, bards will unswervingly incorporate the biggest experience of art's past Chinese development model, namely, cheap labor and low-end technical coating products connected to the global industrial chain, into its overall strategy of "product + service"

key breakthrough, half way interception

qiansehua MP7 qiansehua has long promoted the concept of paint to art, and introduced MP7 5 or 6 years ago. MP7 wall art is a new concept of new art paint, focusing on the research, development and innovation of high-end art paint products. Beyond the limitations of paint tradition, qiansehua integrates cultural elements to create a more beautiful cultural level. In 2015, qiansehua MP7 appeared at the China International Paint Expo in Shanghai and won wide attention. Subsequently, qiansehua plans to carry out art coating cycle promotion training in key cities across the country, and now has successfully held two training activities. Borrowing the experience of successfully carrying out dealer training and cooperating with the art school of technical school, qiansehua wants to build a brand through art training activities. In the later stage, it will focus on improving network construction, channel construction and product development, and layout the art coating industry chain

influenced by the power system and market orientation, Hualong 20 art coatings attended the "2015 China International Coating Expo" held in Shanghai in June 2015, announcing its official entry into art coatings. Therefore, Purell kt mr07 can be applied to a large number of fields, and has established art wall material experience halls in various places, achieving good results. In 2016, Hualong took art paint as one of its main products and launched a new art paint with formaldehyde purification and scrub resistance at the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July. Nowadays, Hualong art paint covers wallpaper paint series, relief paint series, phantom paint series, texture paint series, metal series, gold and silver foil series, crack paint series, sandstone paint series, texture paint series, texture paint series, etc. It is reported that Hualong coating will increase its investment in environmental protection technology research and development this year, and its human, material and financial resources will increase. It will also cooperate with South China University of technology

Carpoly Carpoly has been trying to develop art paint for a long time. In 2010, 3D color paint was launched, creating a new product that changes the pattern of interior wall coating categories; In 2011, seaweed mud natural wall coating color paint was introduced; In 2013, Italian construction process and technology were introduced, and Brano series three-dimensional color paint was launched; In 2014, the brand of Falandi art coating was launched with a high profile. Nowadays, Jiabaoli Falandi is a shining sub brand of art paint. At the 2016 Guangzhou Construction Expo, the new products of Falandi came out, and eight series of products including Baylor gold sand, pearlescent velvet, Minogue modeling, artistic dermatoglyphics, Brandon profusion, Louvre porcelain fashion, rust decoration and artistic water paint were displayed. It is understood that Falandi also provides consumers with one-stop painting services, free door-to-door investigation, formulation of exclusive customized painting scheme, gold medal technician professional art paint construction, exclusive painting supervision and construction, and on-site shelter and protection before construction

independent research and development, single ride camp

compared with the old paint brands such as garberry, Hualong, and sankeshu, Waco is indeed a freshman. Waco was established in 2012, but as soon as it was established, Waco focused on the subdivision of art coatings, especially the research and development and production of art texture wall films. Wang Kuan, deputy general manager of Waco coatings, once said that Waco has an iron order: never get involved in projects. Focus makes Waco more professional and grows rapidly. According to statistics, in 2015, Waco coatings increased by 23% as a whole, and artistic texture wall film increased by 200%. In September of the same year, Waco landed in the "2015 China brand goods Africa Exhibition" in Tanzania, and was favored by high-quality and stable products, personalized artistic texture wall film and natural color stone paint. In 2016, Waco won the honorary title of "2015 outstanding art coating brand" with its excellent products. In 2016, Waco will spend a lot of money on the three major channels of CCTV to build its own brand influence of art paint. At the same time, Waco does not push to improve its own product categories. In July this year, Waco launched a new water-based wood paint product independently developed by Shuimu Tiangong, aiming to create a leading edge in the whole category of coatings. There is no doubt that art paint is in a state of vigorous development, which meets the new consumer demand with its high-end, personalized and other characteristics. In the future, more and more brands will participate in this competition, and the phenomenon of product homogeneity and low quality will also appear. How will these paint brands respond? Who will laugh to the end? We may as well wait and see

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