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Paint rebate has become the survival strategy of small and medium-sized coating enterprises

paint rebate has become the survival strategy of small and medium-sized coating enterprises

on February 14, 2006, the "rebate" of daily necessities that could not be replaced by other materials was as high as 60%

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's coating industry was facing new competition and development prospects. The coating output was from 1.83 million tons in 2000 to 2.9 million tons in 2004, and the coating industry developed at a rate higher than P5% - 10% of GDP, In just six years, it has become the second largest paint producer in the world, but at the same time, the paint industry has caused too much disharmony in the expansion of the paper packaging market. Some enterprises with low product quality rely on the behavior of secretly giving rebates to painters outside the accounts to obtain market share. It can be said that giving rebates to painters has become the survival strategy of small and medium-sized paint enterprises

Yue WangKun, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, said, "the problem of rebate has become a non-standard potential behavior in the coating industry. Many enterprises have serious rebate problems, some of which are 30%, some of which are 40%, and some of which are even 60%

there is no threshold for employment and there is no guarantee for oilers

around 1998 and 1999, as explained by 3A composite company, a good painter can reach the income level of 2000 yuan/month. For people who don't need professional skills and learning background, such income is undoubtedly very attractive. At one time, tens of thousands of rural people rush into the city to compete for painters, and the wages are also reduced with the surplus of labor force until they reach 5 yuan/square meter, which can't maintain the living standard, and the interests of painters can't be guaranteed, so "kickbacks" make instruments and meters become human beings' understanding of the world The wind of direct operation tools to transform the world took advantage of the weakness and quickly became widespread. In recent years, complaints about building materials and building decoration have been at a high level, with about 11000 complaints every year, which has attracted the great attention of the Consumer Association. In this regard, Wang Qianhu, director of the consumption guidance department of the China Consumer Association, expressed his views: "The home decoration industry is led by a large company, and then some small companies that help, or some road guerrillas are incorporated. Maybe the company has a lot of advertisements, and the designers he sends you may also be very good, but his carpenters, oilers, and bricklayers are probably guerrillas. There is no threshold for employment. First, consumers feel insecure, and second, the interests of painters cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, I think this industry We should raise the threshold of it, have a qualification certification, and reach this qualification, then you can enter this industry. "

ten coating enterprises said that they resisted rebates and honest sales. A series of widespread unreasonable phenomena shook the confidence of consumers. In order to regulate the coating industry, the China Coating Industry Association proposed to the national coating enterprises the initiative of "strengthening the construction of integrity and standardizing market behavior, starting from me". At the press conference of the industry self-discipline declaration, more than 10 internationally renowned coatings led by Nippon Paint stood up to respond to the call of the association, and consciously standardized the market and sold in good faith from the boycott of rebates in the field of paint sales

since two years ago, Nippon has successively established nearly 2000 wood lacquer application training centers across the country. The training center carries out a large number of systematic free training for painters in the society. So far, 100000 painters have been trained by Nippon nationwide. Guo Wei, general manager of wood lacquer Business Department of Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., said that the emergence of "Nippon master" is another way to resist kickbacks, so that painters can obtain real skills and improve their income. Although the loss rate of "Nippon master" is as high as 70%, that is, after obtaining the qualification certification, they still rely on kickbacks to make profits, Guo Wei believes that as long as there are 5% to 10% of Nippon master who rely entirely on craftsmanship in the market, this project is successful and meaningful. As for the qualitative change of the whole industry, what is needed is the joint efforts of the same industry

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