The hottest paint market is in constant flames, an

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The paint market has been in flames, and the three "tactics" show their magic power

in the past two years, the competition in China's paint industry has been extremely fierce, and the paint industry will develop better in the future. Faced with such a situation, How to develop high and stable electrochemical capacitors in coating industry (the weight specific capacity is 233f/g, which is the enterprise positioning. How to formulate future development goals to obtain more market share may be seen from the current situation of the development of the three major paint production areas in China. If the paint market in 2011 is compared to a battlefield, it will be these three major battles to take the lead in the paint industry. In this cruel market competition, how will they compete and then share each share? Next I'll discuss it with you

the scale of "positional warfare" to compete for benefits: the trend of expansion and integration has accelerated suddenly

taking goldfish paint as an example, Shijiazhuang goldfish paint group, facing the fierce competition in the market, has constantly stimulated marketing vitality, expanded its marketing network, and the first-class agency, regional sales, distribution, direct sales and other sales methods have blossomed. Goldfish products quickly expanded from Shijiazhuang and Hebei Province to major cities across the country. The group has established more than 60 distribution departments, 3 The Timken experiment at low temperature and low speed is quite different from the practical working conditions. It has cultivated more than 500 dealers and thousands of direct users. At present, the dealers are actively preparing for the peak sales of automotive paint after the Spring Festival

comments: however, many large chain stores are expanding nationwide. The expansion of chain stores eventually leads to sales concentration, and big brand products will follow up, which is also the main reason why these stores do not stop opening stores and expand outward. For tenants, it is also very important to show their image in big brands. These large coating enterprises, with the help of financial capital or industrial capital, promote the continuous upgrading of the coating industry, which is expected to rewrite the current situation of scattered brands and low industry concentration

price reduction of "hand to hand combat" in close combat: the wind of discount and profit making is blowing fiercer and fiercer

the war is fierce, and everyone competes with bayonets. For the paint industry, hand to hand combat has begun to take shape at the end of last year. In this year's market downturn and the people's pockets are tight, price wars are inevitable

comments: compared with department stores and large-scale comprehensive supermarkets, the current coating consumption market is not mature enough. Objectively speaking, the most attractive factor for consumers is the price factor, but the factors of product quality and environmental protection, service, and shopping environment are also gradually becoming the factors that consumers consider comprehensively. The first end of the auxiliary oil cylinder is connected with the gripper. From the perspective of the industry, the price war next year should continue. The so-called "zero profit" and "negative profit" are just a means of business publicity and promotion. In a market economy, reasonable profits are natural, otherwise there are only two results: either businesses commit suicide or consumers are deceived

the "protracted war" brand that competes for attention: paint tycoons spend a lot of money to create fame

"deep wine is also afraid of deep alleys. Now who will shout, the business is who. This year, the high-quality resources of the paint industry are concentrating on large enterprises and brands. They are outstanding in terms of popularity, reputation, first choice rate and so on, forming" the stronger the stronger " Comments: China is the largest and most potential consumer market in the world, so everyone has basic consumer confidence in China. Excellent enterprises should seize this opportunity to prepare for the rainy day, call the brand in advance, enlarge the brand effect, and enter the fast lane of development after the end of the adjustment period. Coating enterprises invest against the market to build brands, which will help businesses and consumers rebuild market confidence and shorten the coating industry During the adjustment period, the coating industry has developed rapidly

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